Light Table Drawer in a Standing Desk.




Introduction: Light Table Drawer in a Standing Desk.

  This wasn't the original plan. I found the desk on the curb years ago. I mounted it to the wall in the basement workshop. The light box I made also years ago and it used to have legs. I was going to move it out of the basement, but I had an idea and it looked like it would fit. After a moment with the measuring tape I dug out the drawer glides I have been saving...
 So it has two jobs. When tinkering I stand. When designing the next project, dreaming and or doodling with my three year old I sit and pull out the light table drawer. I am super happy with how it all fit together.

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    Just came across this during my own desk design research, and it is some real good work. I would advise putting a switch on the inside and a small catch on the drawer, so when you pull the drawer out it automatically switches on the lightbox. Also, if you plan on going back to redo the lightbox at a future date, try using led strips for a calmer and more even light. Definitely a great idea and I'm hoping I can fit one into my own project.

    Cool idea. I am still in the process of finding enough time to actually use the lightbox I made from a bulky scanner ages ago - it's tedious to make room for it and then it is not comfortable to work with. Your idea basically kills both these hindrances. Thanks for sharing!