Photographic Light Box - IKEA Lamp Hack

Introduction: Photographic Light Box - IKEA Lamp Hack

Here's a very simple but effective Instructable.

Sunlight is one of the most powerful (and cheapest) light sources for macro photograpy. However, if the light is bright, shadows will mostly ruin the picture.

This Instructable will show you how to use an old translucent IKEA lamp as a light tent AND camera support at the same time (I can't remember if the lamp is a Bjorn, a Benny, a Frida or Agnetha). 

Similar ideas have been presented in the past by Light_Lab and focusfinder although this hack requires no skills whatsoever and it will allow you to use the light tent as a camera support (for low shutter speeds).

Step 1: The Setup.

Unscrew the fitting from the lamp and place it out in the sun on a thick sheet of white paper.
Use the hole on top to take pictures through and use the lamp as a camera support.
Now you can work hands free (and at low shutter speeds).

The next logical step for this Instructable would be to connect a large lampshade to a SLR type camera.

Step 2: Take Pictures !

The light box has its limitations (due to the current size), but for photographing from the top it works very fine.
The lamp is large enough to be placed over a plate of food to take pictures (be careful with hot dishes as the steam might condense against your lens).

The setup works very fast as you can easily shift and rotate the entire setup to meet your requirements. You can even photograph large surfaces by just placing the setup on top of whatever you're photographing.
The pictures below were taken in only a few minutes.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea and your instructions are much cleared than those from IKEA i{^_^}. I have also put a hole in the bottom of a large plastic bowl and done this trick (my camera lens wouldn't fit through a light bulb hole anyway).
    Someone noticed my hacked bowl in the back of the van and asked me where I got the groovy light shade. i{^_^}.

    Robot Lover
    Robot Lover

    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is Awesome. The first picture is the one I'm most intrested in since I have troubles taking good pictures of electronics. I can't wait to make this and try this out! 5/5