Introduction: Light the Lamp Build

Congratulations! If you have reached this point you are in the home stretch. All you have left to do is put everything together.

By the end of this Instructable you will be able to place your 3D printed Stanley Cup Trophy into the trophy stand to "Light the Lamp" after you score a goal in table top hockey.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Proejct Materials

Before you begin, take a few minutes to gather the materials you will need for the build.

Making Materials:

  • Duct tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Aluminum foil
  • Wire Strippers or small scissors

Electrical Components:

  • Battery pack
  • 1 - 220 Ohm resistor
  • Red and Black wire (22 gauge stranded)
  • 1 - LED of your color choice (I am using a 5mm diameter red LED)
  • 1 - Piezoelectric buzzer

3D Printed Materials:

Instructions on building the 3D printable parts can be found on Autodesk Project Ignite

  • 3D Printed Lamp Bracket
  • 3D Printed Trophy Stand
  • 3D Printed Stanley Cup Trophy

Crafted Materials:

Instructions on how to build a Table Top Hockey Rink can be found on the Instructables site

  • Table Top Hockey Rink

Step 2: Add Leads to the Buzzer

To help with assembly of the circuit take a moment to attach wires to the positive and negative terminals on the buzzer (remember the long terminal is positive).

Cut a 100mm piece of red wire and a 100mm piece of black and strip one end of each. I normally don't strip both ends until I know exactly how long the wire needs to be. 100mm should give you enough length that some may need to be trimmed later in the project.

Attach the red wire to the positive (long) lead on the buzzer with electrical tape, then do the same with the black wire.

Set the buzzer to the side, we will come back to it later.

Step 3: Create Terminal Connections in the Trophy Stand

Next we will focus on building the terminals the Stanley Cup Trophy will sit on when it is placed in the stand.

For this step we will need 2 red wires each cut to roughly 100mm in length and stripped on one end.

The goal for this step to create two connection points in the bottom the trophy stand hole. These will act as the terminals in a switch. When the foil on the bottom of the trophy bridges the gap between the foil terminals it will complete the circuit and light the lamp and buzzer.

Tear a small piece of foil (I used a piece that was roughly 100mm x 60mm, but this doesn't need to be exact) and ball it up loosely on the stripped end of the wire. Feed the wire down through the opening in the bottom of the stand and press the foil into the bottom of the hole.

The separator that was added in the bottom of the trophy stand hole should help guide the foil into place.

Repeat this step a second time for the other half of the connection.


Make sure the two pieces of foil do not touch each other in the bottom of the trophy hole. If they do touch they will close the circuit and your light and buzzer will begin activating as soon as you connect the battery pack.

Make sure the foil terminals are taller than the separator in the bottom of the trophy hole. If the foil does not sit above the separator it may prevent your trophy from making a proper connection and your light and buzzer may never activate.

Step 4: Cut Wires for the Battery Pack

Next we will cut the wires that will connect the battery pack to the circuit.

You will need a 200mm red wire stripped at both ends and a second wire of the same length in black.

Once you have cut and stripped the wires set them aside with the buzzer and we will come back to them in a bit.

Step 5: Find the Length for the LED Wires

We are ready to begin wiring the LED, but you will need to determine where you plan to place your lamp bracket.

In hockey, when a goal is scored, the lamp behind the goal that was scored on lights. If you want your trophy to light the lamp in front of your opponent you will need to run wires from the trophy stand to the other end of the rink.

To make it easier to build these instructions, I will place my lamp bracket above my goal.

In the image you can see that I placed the bracket and loosely tied the wire to it and then ran the wire along the path I want on the rink wall. Once you determine the length you need cut a red and a black wire to that length and strip one end of each wire.

I ended up making my LED wires about 400mm long.

Step 6: Wire the LED (lamp)

Connect the 220 ohm resistor to the negative (short) lead on the LED and secure it wire electrical tape.

Connect the black wire to the other end of the resistor and secure it with electrical tape. (Note: the electrical tape is mostly to prevent the LED terminals from touching and causing a short circuit)

Connect the red wire to the positive (long) lead on the LED in the same manner as the black wire, but without a resistor.

Step 7: Connecting the Positive Wires

Find the 100mm red battery wire you made earlier.

Flip over the trophy stand and connect the red wire to one of the red wires connected to the foil terminals.

Step 8: Connect the LED and Buzzer

Now we can begin wiring up the parallel circuit. Grab the buzzer and the LED that was wired up earlier.

Place the buzzer in the opening on the bottom of the stand and bend the wires upward.

Connect the red wires from the buzzer and the red wire from the LED to the remaining red wire that is connected to the foil terminal.

Wrap the connection in electrical tape to secure it and prevent short circuits.

Step 9: Finish Wiring the Circuit

Almost there....great work. At this point in the build I started to get really excited to Light the Lamp.

In the last step you wired all the positive (red) wires together and in this step you will repeat that process, but with the negative (black) wires.

Connect the black wires from the buzzer and LED to the black battery pack wire and wrap the connection in electrical tape.

Step 10: Hide the Wires

Wire all the wiring complete you can start to hide the wiring in the 3D print.

Gently press the wires into the buzzer opening. While doing that try to keep the battery wires grouped together and the same for the LED wires. This will help when keep things looking clean.

Once the wires are in place, you can use electrical tape or hot glue to secure the wires into the 3D print if needed.

Step 11: Connect Battery Pack and Attach to Rink Wall

To wrap up and prepare to Light the Lamp connect the battery pack wires to the battery wires coming from the stand.

Place the LED in the lamp bracket and attach to the rink wall.

Use duct tape to connect run the wires along the rink wall to their desired location.

Step 12: Create the Trophy Terminal

The last step in the build is to create a conductive terminal on the bottom of the 3D printed trophy.

To make the terminal you will ball up some foil, smash it flat, and hot glue it to the bottom of the trophy.

Tear a small piece of aluminum foil about 100mm square and ball it up so it is roughly the diameter you want.

Once you are happy with the size grab a roll of duct tape and tap it on the foil ball to flatten the ball.

When finished, secure the foil to the bottom of the trophy with hot glue.

Step 13: GAME ON!

CONGRATULATIONS! You are finished....time to Light the Lamp!

Place your trophy into the stand to Light the Lamp.