Introduction: Light-up Clock Mod

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Analog clocks are hard to see at night. My bedroom digital clock, that I bought used several months ago. just broke. I had a clock laying around, of the battery-powered variety. So, I fixed it up with some fairy lights that I had laying around from an old piece of Christmas decor.


Step 1: Finding the Supplies

You may have some of the supplies laying around, so make sure you check around in the junk drawer! So first is the clock. I just had one laying in the Christmas decorations. As I said before, the fairy lights in my clock came from an old light-up Christmas scene. If you've done many electronics projects, you will probably have the switch, wire, and hot glue too. So now let's go onto making it.

Step 2: Wiring It Up

Unless you need more batteries for your lights than the clock has, definitely wire the lights into the clock's battery case. My clock has two battery cases, one for the clock movement, and another, with two batteries, for music that plays every hour. That's what we're going to hook the lights to. There are two sides in the battery case, one that connects two batteries, and another that has two little plates, one for each battery. That's what we are going to connect to. I used some aluminum foil, which conducts electricity to ensure that the batteries contact the wires. So now, we'll hook the switch to the battery. Connect a wire from the battery to the far left terminal of the switch. Then connect another wire to the middle terminal of the switch. Now, we'll connect the light string to the switch and the other battery terminal. If the lights don't work, switch the polarity. Next, we'll glue the lights in the right place.

Step 3: Gluing Everything in Place

Now, take the cover off the clock. On mine, a rim that was screwed into the back of the clock held the cover in place. Take the light string, and temporarily put the lights in place around the inside of the clock. With your hot glue gun, glue the switch to your desired place on the clock. Once you're satisfied with the placement of the switch, glue the lights in place. Reattach the cover to the clock, and enjoy! If you liked this Instructable, please check out my blog.

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