Introduction: Light-up Plushie

This is a plushy that looks like a ghost. Its eyes can light up!


1. Needle

2. Felt/Cloth

3. Scissors

4. Hot Glue

5. LEDs (two)

6. Battery Holder

7. Battery

8. Conductive Thread

9. Normal Thread

10. Cotton

Step 1: Get Materials

Get all the things that you need to make the project. Look around your house for some. If you are missing some things, go and buy them.

Step 2: Cut Out Shapes

Cut out shapes for:

- head (two circles)

- eyes (two matching small shapes)

- body (big, loose-flowing cloth)

- sash (long piece, connect two pieces if needed)

Step 3: Put LEDs Into Eye Shapes

Find the center of the eyes you cut out, then you poke it into the fabric eye until only the head of the LED is visible in

Step 4: Sew Eyes Onto One Side of Head

sew the eyes you cut out in to

Step 5: Sew Negative Path (Connected to Snap on Sash and Battery Holder)

Starting at the eye, sew each negative LED leg, onto the head and then sew onto the sash creating a straight path from the battery holder to the end of the sash and sew on a snap once you get to the end of the sash.

Step 6: Sew Positive Path Into Head and to Other Snap

Get a new piece of conductive thread. Sew it around and around the positive end of the battery holder.

Then keep sewing the path to the middle of the sash.

At that point, start sewing it up into the head (with the eyes in it).

Sew the thread around the POSITIVE legs for both LEDs.

Finish the path by making an X and tying a knot.

Step 7: Put Ball of Cotton Into the Cloth for the Body

Get the cotton for your head size into cloth.

Step 8: Tie It

After you get the cotton, you have to use a string to tie it.

Step 9: Sew Other Half of Head On

You have to sew the other head on it, make sure they are neat.

Step 10: Add Decorations

You can add any decoration on it!

Step 11: You're Done!

It's the final step!!! Hope you enjoy!