Introduction: Light-up Poof Books

The folded pages of poof books create little "hidden pockets" that are just crying out to be used in creative ways!

That temptation was too much for me to resist, so I wrote this Instructable to show how you can turn an ordinary poof book into a Light-up Poof Book with just a few extra electrical components.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Not much needed for this quick project:

  • Poof Book (1)

  • Tape (I used blue Painter's Tape because it was what was on top of my workbench)

  • CR2032 3V Coin battery (1, or more if you are adventurous)

  • LED (1, or more if you are that same adventurous person from before)

Step 2: Draw Your Poof Book Cover

It is far easier to write and illustrate your poof book prior to adding anything to the "hidden compartments" like lights and batteries.

For this Instructable, we only decorated the cover, but you should really do the whole book at once.

And since you are going to add lights to the front, considering drawing a picture that suits having some added.

Step 3: Unfold the Book

Unfold the book so that you can access the other side of the cover you drew.

Step 4: Add LED

This is the only part that you really need to focus on how it's done - pushing the legs of the LED through the paper.

Sure, you can use a pin to pre-punch the holes in the paper if you want, but that's not the hard part.

The hard part is making sure that you put the legs through the paper the right way so that you can bend them over against the paper with a battery placed between them.  For instance, if you are putting the light near the side of the cover, like in our Cars book shown in the pictures, we put the two legs horizontal to the bottom of the book.  That way, when we put the battery in, it can bend toward the middle of the cover.

The easiest way of thinking about it is to imagine a line connecting the center of the book and the spot that you want to put your light.  If you push the legs of your LED through the paper so that they both sit upon that imaginary line, then you should have no problem completing the next step when you bend them over.

Step 5: Add a Battery, Some Tape, and Then Bend

Flip your poof book over so that the legs of the LED stick up.

Place the battery between the legs of the LED - remember that the longer leg connects to the positive side of the coin battery, and the shorter leg goes to the negative side.  If the parts are working, and you've got the connections correct, the LED should light up.

Use a piece of tape to hold the legs of the LED against the battery.

Now bend the battery and LED legs over so that it lays flat against the paper - be careful not to rip your paper, or to move your LED up off the paper.

Once you've got the battery where you want it, tape it down in place on the paper.

Step 6: Ta Da!

There you have it!  One Light-up Poof Book!

After making a few of these LED covered books, I got to thinking about some other ideas with this project...

  • You could add some tape to the unfolded edges to seal up the "hidden compartments", keeping anything inside from falling out.

  • You could add lights to the inside pages of the books and make a layered book like one of those counting books or googly-eye ones.

  • Instead of lights, you could put in something with texture to make one of those infant sensory books.

There are lots of different ideas that could be done.  Be sure to share yours in the comments below!
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