Introduction: Light Up Spooky Eyes

Inspired by a photo of large eyes in a tree, I decided to make my own version of spooky monster eyes that light up!

Step 1:


- LED tealights from the dollar store
- four plastic plates
- a paperclip to make a hook
- Hot glue gun
- exacto knife
- scissors

The second photo here shows the back of the eyes and the basic construction.  I suspect most of you can make these without a step by step!

Step 2:

Trace the tealight and make slits that extend slightly beyond the traced circle.

I recommend placing the tealight behind the pupil.  Otherwise you will have a very bright spot on the whites of your eyes, this is why I have the tealight off center.

Step 3:

Push the tealight through the hole and secure with tape.

Step 4:

Cut out two black circles and glue in place so they will be above your tealights. 

I recommend you make your pupils larger than I did.  I think it would look better from the road.

Step 5:

Bend a paperclip to make a hook and glue it to the top of your eye.

Hot glue your pupil plates to your tealight plates.

Step 6:

Hang them up and ENJOY!

I wish I could tell you how long the batteries last, I left mine turned on for three days straight and the batteries were still going strong.  

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