Introduction: Light Up Monster Puppet

This is a step by step tutorial to make a light up monster puppet.  We have used the same technique to create other puppets too, which you can see at the end.

Before you start you will need:

Paper template.
Felt or similar material for the body, plus different colours for decorating.
Stick on googley eyes like these.
Fabric pencil or something similar.
Glue gun.
1 colour changing LED.
Conductive thread.
2 Needles, one for the conductive thread, one for the yarn.
Some conductive fabric cut into 1cm squares.
Soldering iron.
LED powerboard kit.

Step 1: Pattern Transfer

Lay your materials flat on the desk making sure that there are no creases.

With a pencil, carefully draw around the template making sure your lines are clear and equal.

You must draw around the template twice – one is the front and one is the back.

Step 2: Cutting the Pattern

Very carefully cut out the pattern.

Make sure you cut accurately so your patterns will match up!

*Be carful with the sharp scissors* Make sure your fingers are out of the way.

Step 3: Drawing on the Circuit

Decide which piece is the front and take a pen and draw out the circuit.

Remember it is VERY important to get the positives and negatives the right way around.

If it helps, take the components and lay them out in the right order.

Step 4: Soldering the Power Supply

Check you have 3 components – the circuit board, the battery clip and a switch.

Put the battery clip into the corresponding holes (positive and negative) and solder.

Add the switch and solder the remaining parts.

Remember to solder neatly and not to join each leg together.

Step 5: Preparing the LED

Take your colour changing LED and find the positive and negative leg.

Positive is the longer leg and the Negative is the smaller with a flat surface.

Separate the LED legs and use the pliers to wrap into circles neatly.

Use a pencil to create a hole in the front for your puppet.

Put your LED through the hole, putting the positive and negative the right way around.

Step 6: Sewing the Power and LED

Take the battery pack and place in the centre of the front side material.

Wrap the conductive thread around the POSITIVE leg of the battery pack a few times.

Stitch in the positive side of the battery clip.

Stitch up to the positive leg of the LED, following your pencil pattern.

Once you reach the positive leg of the LED, stitch it into the material and tie and cut the thread.

Step 7: Sewing the Circuit

Begin sewing the negative leg of the LED into the material, then follow your pencil pattern to the left hand and stitch repeatedly.
Do not worry if it looks messy as it will be covered by the conductive fabric.

Once you have covered a 1cm x 1cm square (on both sides) tie and cut.

Begin wrapping the negative side and sewing into the material.

Follow up to the right hand and re-stitch into a 1cm-1cm square.

Step 8: Sewing the Conductive Fabric Pads

Take the conductive fabric pads and place over the top of the conductive thread stitching (the opposite side to the battery pack).

Stitch the pads into the hands – be carful not to spilt the material by stitching too close to the edge.

Once completed, move onto the other hand.

Put in the battery and test the circuit to make sure it works.

Step 9:

To begin the blanket stitch – thread the needle with thick yarn.

Tie the end and begin the stitch on the inside of the puppet.

Once  finished tie the end.

Next... Decorate! Remember to be carful with the glue gun.

Step 10: Enjoy

These are some of the others we've made, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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