Introduction: Lightboard

In this presentation, I will be showing you how I added lights to my skateboard for an awesome under glow effect.

Step 1: Neopixels

The first step of building this board was to construct the arduino for the neopixel lights. To this I first had to solder the neopixel's together and connect them to the arduino. After this I had to add the botton and get the wiring right. Finally I had to write the code for the lights and the button and get them to work together.

Step 2: Construction

Once the arduino was finished I had to mount everything to the board. I chose to put the neopixel's running down the side of the board and the hardware in the middle. I decided to make the battery power out of a portable phone charger and have it removable for easy recharging. In this picture you can see I have everything mounted and hot glued down. In this stage I was beginning to construct the phone core box housing the hardware and battery.

Step 3: Construction

Once finishing the box, I cut a hole in the top for the button and added a velcro removable top for easy access to the battery.

Step 4: Go Skate!

I finally got to add the trucks and wheels on to the board and test it out. I was very impressed with the range of the light that shines from the board. This project turned out awesome, now I want to downscale the hardware and make it more reasonable.