Lightbulb Hat!

Introduction: Lightbulb Hat!

I have an idea... Brrring! Lightbulb on!

We've all seen it somewhere, a lightbulb above someone's head when they get an idea, whether in a tv show or movie. Well, I will show you the same effect!

You need:

2 AA batteries (depending on your LED)
battery pack (or you could wire it up yourself)
LED or even flashlight bulb.

To retrieve a flashlight bulb, just unscrew the top of a flashlight, then take the lense and reflectors off the top so you can take the bulb. I got my bulb from an old IDon'tKnowWhat that lit up when it was turned on. I ripped mine off the PCB, but you can buy a bulb from Radioshack.

Step 1: Bulb Prepping

Take your lightbulb and gently tap the bottom cap/sleeve continuously with a hammer. Then unscrew or pull off the bottom.

Take out all that wiring and glass so you have the empty bulb. When you have cleared all broken glass, wiring, and other components, hit the bottom cap with scissors to make a hole. thats where your wire will go. You may have to move around the scissors in the hole to make it bigger.

The reason we took off the bottom cap is that all that wiring inside can mess up the LED and we need to get rid of it all.

Step 2: Wiring It Up

Now take your battery pack, add batteries (preferably AA) and connect the correct wires to the LED. This was the hardest part for me as I don't know what the colors mean. Well, red is positive and black is negative. Thats all I could figure out...

Finally it's almost ready! Now put your LED (off please, don't kill the batteries) and carefully put it through the opening we made earlier on the bottom of the bulb. We're good to go. Now lets take it farther...

Step 3: The Hat

Make sure the it is old and you don't need that hat- we don't want you ruining a good hat. I got mine free somewhere and have more than one.

First, Glue or tape the bottom cap/sleeve to the rest of the bulb. Then you are ready for attachment to the hat. Hot glue the bulb and battery pack in a convenient place for you to carry on the hat.

I placed the bulb smack in the middle, and instead of concealing the batteries, I put them in front for show.

Please post your own version!!!!!!! Or atleast comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Paper Cat
    Paper Cat

    12 years ago on Step 1

    Finally, a tutorial about a bayonet bulb!
    How difficult was the removal of the bottom cap? I've tried cutting the metal but its seems too hard :S


    12 years ago on Introduction

    sweet ible what about using lots of LEDs and putting them around the rim and top?


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    oh, I guess that wouldnt make it an idea hat.... lol 4*

    I bloggedblogged about this a while ago.

    Never built it though.

    I had intended to create a variable voltage switch as well so that the intensity of the light could be increased or decreased as well. I've been thinking about building one of these in my top hat, but have so far been loathe to maim it.