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In this instructable you will learn how to make a small wooden box with a drawer that lights up when you open it.

Step 1: Building the Box 1

Find a few feet of scrap 2x4 wood planks and cut out two 8inch pieces and two 6inch pieces. Picture depicts only one 8inch and one 6inch piece.

Step 2: Building the Box 2

After you have the two 6inch and two 8inch pieces cut, you will need to cut a 45 degree angle on both ends of each of the pieces of wood. Picture only depicts one 6inch and one 8inch piece of wood.

Step 3: Building the Box 3

Now that you have all the wood for the drawer cut you can place them in a rectangular box shape. When you have them the way you want them put wood glue on each of the 45 degree angles and stick them together. Sorry about the picture I forgot to take a picture of this step so it has the side wall around the drawer.

Step 4: Building the Box 4

In this part after the glue has dried and you have a rectangular shape with no bottom. To make the bottom get a piece of 1/8 inch plywood and set your rectangle on it and trace around the outside. Cut out the plywood on the lines.

Step 5: Building the Box 5

After you have the bottom cut out glue it to the bottom of the rectangle. Once it dry you will have finished the drawer.

Step 6: Building the Box 6

For this step you will start constructing the outer shell for the box. You will need some old pieces of 2x6 and rip them down to 1/8 inch taller than your drawer. You will need to cut two 9inch long piece from your ripped down 2x6 and one 7inch long piece.

Step 7: Building the Box 7

You will now need to cut a 45 degree angle on both ends of the 7 1/2inch piece and one 45 degree angle on the two 9inch pieces.

Step 8: Building the Box 8

For this step you will need to glue your 7 1/2inch and your two 9inch pieces in a u shape.

Step 9: Building the Box 9

For this step your will need to do the same as in step 4. Where you place the u on a piece of plywood and trace around it to make a top and bottom piece. After you get the pieces cut out glue one the top and one on the bottom to finish the structure of your shell

Step 10: Finishing the Box 1

After your have the box finished and glued together sand it down and make is smooth. Find the stain that you would like, dark or light. Stain the entire box and let it dry.

Step 11: Finishing the Box 2

After the box is stained, pick the clear coat that you would like to use. I used a polyurethane spray can clear coat because I felt it would work best for my project. I would put about 3-4 coats of clear on it to make sure your clear coat is durable enough.

Step 12: Wiring the Box 1

I bought a set of led lights on a strip from my local car parts store but you can find them almost any where and usually cheaper on line. The strips that I bought have and adhesive strip in the back so you can place them where ever you would like. The next step is to choose where you would like place your lights in your box. I simply stuck mine to the side of the box.

Step 13: Wiring the Box 2

Next thing your need to do is wire in your limiter switch. I found a pack of five in Amazon for 7 dollars. You will have to play around with it depending on what switch you have to insure it works the way want it to. After you know where the wires are supposed to go solder them into place

Step 14: Wiring the Box 3

The next thing that you will have to do is find the best place for the switch and screw, nail, or glue it into place. If you place or right the lights should come on when you open the drawer.

Step 15: Finished Product!

Now that the switched is wired and in place you should have a box that lights up when you open the drawer. The box that I made runs through an ardunio but that is not needed for this project you can also do it without.

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Nice Drawers but what is ardunio?


    Reply 4 years ago

    An Arduino is a microcontroller. It's basically a tiny computer that allow the user to interact with electrical components such as switches and LEDs like you see here in this project.


    4 years ago

    Just awesome

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    That is a really well made drawer and a great way to find things in a dark drawer. You've definitely got my vote.