Introduction: Lighted, Dry Ice, Dry Candy, Fogging Witch's Cauldron

My daughter wanted to be a Witch for Halloween so I was looking for a simple accessory that was easy to make, plus had a little fun mixed into it.  I also wanted her to be able to go out and get candy without it getting all wet.  I present the Lighted, Dry Ice, Dry Candy, Fogging Witch's Cauldron!

Step 1: Items Needed:

10" cauldron - My local party supply store had these in three sizes. This one was $2.99
Bucket to fit into cauldron.  I used a generic "oxy" cleaning product.  It fit perfectly!
Coat hanger for the handle
Coin cell battery - CR2032
LED's - I used six green ones.  Made a nice subtle glow that should last all Trick or Treating.

Step 2: Fog Ports!

I started by drilling holes in the upper lip of the inner bucket.  As many as you want.  I focused on a high fogging flow.

I painted the inside of the pail dark colors for effect.

Step 3: Carrying Handle

Drilled two holes on each side of the cauldron for the handle.  I drilled them horizontally,  next time I will drill them vertically, one above the other, to make handle movement better and not bind.

Step 4: Lighting

I just used kept adding the LED's until I got the brightness I wanted when the fog was in the pail.  I fixed it to the bottom of the pail using a little electrical tape.

Step 5: Put It Together

When the time comes, place a piece of Dry Ice in the bottom of the cauldron.  Add enough water to cover it, otherwise you won't use up the entire piece.  Hot water makes more fog, faster, cold water less so, but it lasts longer.  It all depends how much you want to replenish the Dry Ice or how fast you want the cauldren to fill up.  Place the pail in the cauldron and tape the LEDs to the bottom. Watch and enjoy!

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