Lighted Tardis Ornament Wreath

Introduction: Lighted Tardis Ornament Wreath

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I made one of these for a Christmas gift this year, and then made a bunch more & even started selling them on Etsy :D

My boyfriend enjoys helping me brainstorming themes and pick out stuff to put on the wreaths. Here is my favorite wreath I made yesterday. This was my first of this larger size.

I hope you have fun making them and share your pictures & leave your tips!

I used the basic tutorial from this blog, and modified it to include other elements aside from just ornaments. I also used plastic ornaments that I painted and such, because I like the rim less fragile than all glass:
How to make a vintage Christmas ornament wreath at Retro Renovation

Step 1: Gather Supplies!

After Christmas sales get you a bounty of things! People snatch up the ornament balls pretty quickly, but you can find random swag that you can dismantle to use. Also check the thrift stores after Christmas, people often give away a lot of ornaments right after the holidays.

Here is what I used (see images):

Tardis Ornament (I've also used a Tardis toy)
LED Light Strings(I used two. I found the ones for this wreath at Ikea, but discovered some just the same at a dollar store with stars on them - the stars or whatever can just be popped off.)
A Wire Wreath Frame, 20-Inch (I've used smaller foam ones, too)
Blue or Silver Garland Be sure to get the full, thick, chunky kind. It takes a lot less and works better than the cheap thin kind. Also easier not to get tangled.
Craft Wire (for hanging the wreath, tying on the lights and securing heavy bits)
Ribbon or Burlap (to sort of hide the hanging wire - this is optional - it isn't easy to see anyway)
Lots of plastic and/or glass ornaments and sparkly swag (I painted the plastic ornaments and added more "Tardis Blue" when I felt like I didn't have enough of that color. They don't have to all be "Tardis Blue" but I wanted a fair bit.)
High Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
A Wreath Hanger (or just a picture wall hook/Command strip)

Step 2: Layout: Wrap Wreath With Garland & Add Lights

Wrap Garland around Frame

  • Wrap the garland tightly all around the wreath. Use a little hot glue to tack it down.
  • If you are using a wire frame like I did here, then the "hollow" part will be your back.
    • You won't really be able to tell, except by feel, once you add the garland. It will make it so that the light switches can fit in the hollow when laying against a wall.

Attach the Wire to Hang the Wreath

  • Add the wire and ribbon across the back to hang the wreath.
    • The wire is more sturdy than the ribbon alone, but you don't really need the ribbon.
    • I just think it looks nice that way. It doesn't really matter if you add the ribbon or wire first.

Tie on the Lights

  • Starting in the back, use the craft wire to affix where you want the first switch to lay.
  • Be sure to leave room so you can change out batteries when you need to.
    • It will flop around some when you are working with it, but will tuck in the hollow neatly when you hang it against a wall.
  • You can see I have a LOT of extra cord, so I wrapped it up so that whoever I give it to can use it how they want. It can still be untied if desired.
    • It is okay to just wrap wire all the way around the frame, nobody will be able to see it when ornaments are glued on and such. Though I did push/poke it through the garland mostly.
  • Flip the wreath to the front and start tying down the lights where needed with craft the wire.
    • You will be able to see the wire now, but when you have the ornaments on you won't see it.

Step 3: Layout: Add Ornaments Around Wreath

I flipped the wreath where the back was face up and started gluing on the plastic ornaments, alternating different colors/types. I like using the plastic ones on the back because they are harder to see from the front, and also less fragile.

To doubly secure the ornaments on the back:

Add more hot glue to the back of the ornament and push the tinsel down on top with a stick or something (it is VERY hot)

Let the glue dry a few minutes and then wiggle the ornaments. If any feel really loose, then add more glue.

Step 4: Layout: Place Tardis and Start Gluing!

First place the Tardis and play around with your elements until you find a grouping you are happy with.

Then start gluing down!

First the Tardis, then start using larger ornaments around it. I think the ornament tops are cool, so I make sure lots show. You can just make it to where they don't though.

When you have a few large ornaments placed, fill in the gaps with smaller things: bells, tiny balls, ribbons, and bits of tinsel - whatever small bits you have. You will be surprised by the little things you can use!

When you come to a light poke it around to where you want some light! I wanted to be able to replace bulbs if they ever go out, so I made sure they stayed pretty accessible.

I also like to add a sort of funky element to the bottom right of the wreath, I feel it balances everything out.

I also wiggle things around a little after the glue dries a few minutes to see where my potential "danger" areas are, and try to secure the balls better there.

Step 5: Finished

Close ups of wreath

Step 6: Other Wreath Ideas & Process Photos

Here are some images of other (smaller) Tardis wreaths I made, some photos of painting ornaments, and two other of my wreaths :D

I made an Iron Man wreath from a T-Shirt I got from ThinkGeek.
The other wreath... well... I call it the Random Crap Wreath. I made it from an old photo frame, and glued on random little bits of silly I've collected or been given over the years. It makes me happy :D

Please post your own tips, suggestions, and photos!

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This makes me happy! I love making these, but NEVER thought of making a Tardis one. SQUEALS!