Introduction: Lighter

You will need: A lighter Flint Lighter fluid Lighter wool

Step 1: Dissemble

Take bottom screws out and take wool out of the bottom hole. If you are using a zippo open the lid, there should be a hinge on a spring. Flip up the hinge and you can pull the middle away from the casing. Remove the screw at the bottom, pull out square wool at the bottom and remove the rest of the wool

Step 2: Flint

Put one flint down the small hole

Step 3: Wick

Stuff the wick up through the hole in the top.

Step 4: Wool

Add the put the wool in small bits into the lighter. Make shure you move the wick from side to side then you do this so it dosnt get tangled.

Step 5: Fluid

Add the lighter fluid and put back together