Introduction: Lighthouse Island

A lighthouse I made using Tinkerkad.

Step 1: Adding Some Basic Shapes.

In the first step, I added some very basic shapes, to find the outline of my lighthouse and island.

Step 2: Adding More Details.

In this step I added more creativity by adding rings around each cylinder of the lighthouse. I also created multiple rings at the base of the structure.

Step 3: Plants and a Better Island.

On the island, I added some shrubs and bushes to add more colour and realism. It also makes the island not look like a flat sphere.

Step 4: Adding Rocks and More Plants.

Adding rocks and plants to the island and around the lighthouse made the island look way more realistic then before.

Step 5: Walkways and Separate Islands.

I added a walkway leading from the lighthouse door to the dock. I also added another separate rock island near the main island.

Step 6: Main Beacon of the Lighthouse and Another Island.

In this final step, I made the walkway longer, added a beacon and some railings to the top of the lighthouse, another island with a boat shed and some final details, which include more bushes and rocks.

Step 7: Final Product.

In the photos, you can see the different angles of the lighthouse I made.

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