Introduction: Lighting Contol With Cayenne

Over a number of years, I have been tinkering with my
raspberry pi on and off not relay crating anything that had any real-world application.

But like most blokes when a problem comes along not just happy with a simple switch to turn on a light or buy a better control for the boiler,

so I decided the humble raspberry pi was the way forward so for a few years I’ve been renewing all my home wiring getting it up to scratch and bringing all the lighting back to one location with the intention to set up a simple way to control all the lights and boiler in my home remotely and with sensors and relays.

And when I found my devices cayenne the last piece of the puzzle fell into place.

(In a previses post I described the heating side of the unit in this one I will try to describe the lighting side)

Step 1: Here Is My Pi Relay Converter and Pi Power Suply

In the main control unit

Raspberry pi B+

16 channel relay board

3,3v to 5v conversion board made with 14.7Ohm resister, 2N 3904 transistor

Step 2: Conect the Wiring

using the cayenne tutorials wiring is made easy

Step 3: The Dashboard

add your buttons or triggers using cayenne made easy

Step 4: Some of the Lighting in My Home