Introduction: Lighting Up LEDs With Switches

Light up the LEDs using Switches!

The Original Work:

I have changed plenty of parts from the original work.


3 Switches

3 LED Light Bulbs

A Breadboard

An Arduino

Several Wires

A Box

Step 1: Connect and Build Up the Switches and LEDs

Connect the switches and the LEDs on the breadboard like the picture.

Three groups of switches and LEDs are connected in the same way.

Make the switches and LEDs longer so that they can work after wrapping with a box.

What I've changed: 1 group of a switch and LED --> 3 groups (3 different color instead of 1)

Step 2: Coding

Program the code following the website in the link:

What I've changed: add codes for 2 more switches and LEDs

Step 3: Wrap It Up and Working!

Make it look nicer by wrapping up with a box.

Fixed the switches and the LEDs on the box.

At last, MAKE IT WORK!