Introduction: Lighting Up a Pair of Safety Glasses

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The other day, I was working in some low light conditions. I needed some light, so I whipped these up. If you have all the materials, you can probably put this together in a hour. And please customize to make it your own, there is no one way to build this.

If you have any suggestions, or questions, leave a comment below.

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Step 1: Gathering Materials


- Hot-glue gun

- Soldering Iron

- Solder

- Heat gun

- Helping Hands (optional)

- Multimeter (optional)


- LEDs (However many you want)

- A 150 Ohm Resistor

- Safety glasses

- 2 AA battery pack

- A small switch

- Dark heat shrink

- Regular heat shrink

Step 2: Preping the LEDs

The first thing we're going to do is prep the LEDs. To start, take the dark heat shrink and cut it to about the size of the LED bulb. Then, put it on the LED and shrink it. Do the same if you have any other LEDs.

Next, Hot glue the LED(s) together. Since I had 3 LEDs, I glued them in a triangle shape.

Finally, Solder the + leads and the - together.

Step 3: Soldering Everything Else

Now, cut the red wire of the battery pack in half, and solder the resistor in between the 2 pieces of red wire. Then solder the end of the red wire to the + leads of the LEDs. Next, cut the black wire in half and solder in the switch. This is where a Multimeter would come in handy. Take the switch and find the 2 points that are connected by the switch and solder the halves of the black wire to them. After that, solder the end of the black wire to the - leads of the LEDs.

Also, make sure that if you use heat shrink to cover the solder joints, put the heat shrink on BEFORE you solder everything. I have done this many times (much to my embarrassment :P).

Step 4: Mounting Everything

In order to keep this project compact, we are going to mount everything onto the battery pack. I mounted the switch near the back, and the LEDs near the front. Then, take the spare wires and hot glue them to the back.

Lastly, before we mount the module, test it and make sure everything works.

Step 5: Mounting the Module

After you test the light module, it's time to mount it to the safety glasses. Chose a pair of glasses that have a large surface area on the arm, so that it will glue easier. Next, go ahead and hot glue the module to the glasses (make sure you get as much glue on as possible). Also, make sure that the glasses can still fold.

Step 6: You're Finished!

Good job! I hope that this add-on to a pair of safety glasses helps you work in low-light conditions. Like I said before, if you have any comments/suggestions/questions leave a comment below.

Happy making!

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