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Introduction: Lighting the Kitchen

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This instructable will show you how to light your kitchen byinstalling a LED strip light.

The reason I made this instructable was to entertain one of my commentator.

I hope she like this 'ible.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Part : 12V LED strip light (plug and play type)

Here, I choose a kitchen double sink with an overhead cabinet.

Completion Time : 20 minutes

Where to buy?

Step 2: The Plug and Play

Firstly, to make this installation work, I plan to used

  1. 3 LED strip lights
  2. 2 jumpers
  3. 4 connectors
  4. An adapter with switch

Step 3: The Connector

This installation setup is VERY easy. I just connect the strip with a connector.

Step 4: The Joining

Take another strip and join with the strip with the connector attached (make sure the positive terminal is always connected to the positive terminal).


Step 5: The Jumper

The triangle embossed on the jumper's head indicates the positive terminal.

I join it with the positive terminal on the LED strip light.

Step 6: The Adapter

The adapter's head also mark with the positive terminal, so joining together is easy as pie.

Step 7: The Mounting

I choose the edge of the overhead cabinet to install the strip lights (indicates by the wood work separates from the tiles).

Step 8: The Installation

I added some tape to secure the strip further.


I cannot install the strip facing down because of the inadequate frame width to mount it. Instead, I mount on the tiles.

On the left side, I also wanted to mount under the overhead cabinet, however the formica wasn't friendly to the double sided tape on the strip to stick on. Thus, I've stick the strip on the tiles. If I nailed on the cabinet, may be my wife will get mad. What a blunder! :-(

Step 9: The Switch On

The installation is finished and I switch on the light.

The images were taken from a low angle. If you stand beside the sink, the overhead cabinet's door and the cabinet's body on the left will protect your eyes from the glare.

See the difference.

Step 10: The Illuminated Kitchen

Now, my wife is much more deLIGHTed because of the light whenever she washes the dishes in the kitchen.


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5 years ago

UNDER the sink...not toasts! :)


Reply 5 years ago

I have a little problem mounting the strip facing down because of the frame :-(


5 years ago

Hi ! I am so happy your wife likes her new brightly lit kitchen! My sink light is not LED but easy to install (2 screws) I rent an apartment so I can take it if I move. I made a cute café curtain so the light doesn't shine in my eyes. See my photos. I voted for you!


5 years ago

Here are my photos. My plug in light is installed under my cabinet pointing down toasts the sink

16, 2:21 PM.jpg16, 2:21 PM.jpg

5 years ago

The light strip should actually be facing down. You will get a better spread of light and not shine in your eyes from further back.


Reply 5 years ago

Yeah, you're right... however, above the sink was my dishes rack. I've try to mount the light facing down, but the width of the frame isn't adequate for the strip :-(