Introduction: Lightingever LED Ceiling Lights User Guide

This is Lightingever LED ceiling lights user guide.

To ensure maximum experience, please install it according to these instructions and then pass the instructions to appropriate for retention and future reference.

Installation Precautions :

Please check the lamp carefully before installing. Ensure the power is offer before wiring and installation.To avoid any injuries from fallen lamp, please do not mount this lamp into an uneven, curved or sloping ceiling.Please do not retrofit the lamp within the warranty period.To ensure normal work of the lamp, please use the voltage indicated on the packing.

Step 1: Parameters


Please install the lamp according to instructions of this user guide.To avoid any injuries from fallen lamp or electric shock, please do not retrofit this lamp at random.

Step 2: Components and Structure

Step 3: Dimension

Step 4: How to Install (1)


Open the lampshade by turning in counterclockwise.

Step 5: How to Install (2)


According to the screw bits on the lamp, drill holes in the ceiling. And then insert the plastic screw anchors into the drilling holes.

Step 6: How to Install (3)


Remove the original testing cord of the lamp by loosening the screws in the wire connector of the lamp.

Step 7: How to Install (4)


Pass your power cord through the hole of ceiling lamp chassis. Then connect the Neutral line, Live line and Ground wire of power cord into the corresponding wiring ports of connector.

Step 8: How to Install (5)


Put screws into the screw bits of lamp chassis, and then fix the lamp chassis onto the ceiling.

Step 9: How to Install (6)


Put on the lampshade to lamp chassis by turning in clockwise.

Note: For the item 1500016, its color temperature can be adjusted by turning on/off the power supply: turning the power off and on again, the color temperature will change.(Three color temperature changes in cycle.)

Step 10: Genneral Troubleshooting

If the lamp is installed properly, please figure out whether the failure is caused by following situations. If all following resolutions do not work, please stop using immediately and contact professionals or retailers for help.

1. If the lamps does not work, please cut off the power and then check whether the power cord of lamp is properly connected with mains supply.

2. If connected properly, please ask a professional to check the input voltage or circuit.

Step 11: Routine Maintenance

1.To ensure better lighting, please clean the lamp once a year.

2. Please make sure the power is off before your maintenance work.

3. To avoid any damage to the lamp, please do not use chemical solvent during routine maintenance.

4. If you need to replace any components or cords of the lamp, please choose those having the same specifications


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