Introduction: Lightning Fast DRZ400 Valve Removal

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Lets start this story with a warning. Be wary to whom you lend your motorcycle. After a trip to Death Valley, the bike I lent to a friend came back with a grenaded engine. After the normal diagnosis and a leak down test, it was clear I needed to pull the head and look inside the engine. There are great manuals (like Clymer) out there and this ible isn't going to cover how to get into your engine and remove the cams.

What you are going to learn, is a non OSHA approved method for getting your vales out super fast.

Step 1: The Right Way

In addition to getting into your engine, another thing I am not going to cover is the right way to get the valves out of your head. Most people use proper tools and go slow.

Step 2: What You Need

This is an easy one

  • Round rare earth magnet (9.3mm max)
  • Big Socket
  • Rubber mallet

Step 3: The Process

  • Place the magnet on top of the valve stem
  • Place the socket over the spring retainer
  • Hit the socket with the mallet
  • Done!

Watch the Video on Youtube

Step 4: Your Shims

Once you pick up the pieces, you will find the two retainer shims inside the socket attached the the magnet

Happy wrenching