Introduction: Lightning Fingernails

I'm going to show you how to make these killer Glow in the Dark Lightning Fingernails!
It's fast, easy, and looks awesome!

You'll need:

-Glow in the dark nail polish

-black nail polish

-nail polish remover

- Q-tips



Step 1: Make It Glow

Get your polishes and toothpicks ready!

Apply two coats of the glow in the dark nail polish. Make sure the first layer dries completely before applying the second coat.

Step 2: Black It Out

After your Glow in the dark nail polish is dry, apply a single coat of black polish. Wait about 15-20 seconds

While it is still wet, drag the toothpick across the nail from top to bottom making a single jagged line. Then make lines branching out from the first, using the napkin to clean off your toothpick between drags.

Step 3: Clean It Up

You may have to clean up the edges of your new nails.

This is easily done with some nail polish remover and a few Q-tips.

Employ the use of a black light to find those hidden glow in the dark splotches.

Step 4: Be the Spark of the Party!

Fuel up your nails under a light.

Now go out and show off your Electric new look!

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