(Lightning Protection) Counter Test Equipment Lightning Arrester Using Arduino

Introduction: (Lightning Protection) Counter Test Equipment Lightning Arrester Using Arduino

This tool uses the ARDUINO microcontroller, as the countrol system of the device.

This tool serves to test the 150 kV lightning arrester

for more details, follow the steps

Step 1: Lightning Arrester 150 KV

Lightning Arrester is a protective device for electrical power system equipment 150 kV against lightning surge (Surge). Surge protective devices against interference serves to protect the electrical power system equipment by limiting the surge voltage coming over and running it into the ground.

Arrester general working principle is quite simple: forming an easy path traversed by lightning, so it does not arise a higher voltage on other electrical equipment. In the normal working conditions, Arrester acts as insulation but in case of surge due to lightning Arrester it will act as a conductor that serves skip the high current flow to the ground.

Step 2: Counter Lightning Arrester

To find out Lightning Arrester work, then this is a function of the counter, find out if there is a surge due to lightning, with the number on the counter will increase.

In order to remain a reliable protection should be performed routine maintenance. Therefore to test the Counter Lightning Arrester need for equipment to inject a large voltage.

To test the counter made a tool that can generate a large enough voltage. This tool is ArduCounter.

Step 3: ArduCounter

This tool uses the Arduino microcontroller, as the control system of the device.

The tool is also equipped with a :

- TFT LCD 3.6 "

- Buttons

- 400 uF capacitors and

- Arduino UNO.

- Modul Relay

Simply put this tool has a great capacity as the storage of electrical charge. When charging the capacitor not be too long because the capacitors have a maximum limit corresponding charging large capacitance value. When charging the capacitor, first setting up how much the desired voltage to be issued by this tool. "The duration of charging Comparable With Big Voltage". After charging, the charge stored on Capacitors, a charge that was given to Counter Counter Lightning Arrester to test, whether still working or not. This is where the Arduino functions to manage it all. More details, watch the video below ..!


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