Introduction: Lightsaber!

This is a guide for making a Lightsaber. I've seen cheap lightsabers and I thought that I could do better. While this isn't screen ready, I think it looks real and feels real. I used an existing model on a 3D printer, a blade kit from Etsy and a few odds and ends to make something special.

Step 1: File Downloads

While there are many 3D models out there, I liked one that I found by The Broken Nerd on Thingyverse. Download from Thingyverse

It's attached or you can find it for yourself on Thingyverse.

This print requires that you use supports, since it doesn't have its own.

Step 2: Battery Shaft

I sanded the hilt. In order to get the correct feel to the handle, I got some leather wrap from a local tennis shop. I gave the hilt exactly the right feel. While the feel was right, the look was not. I fixed this by coating the grip with brown wood stain. I did this a couple of times until I got the desired look. I was able to keep the coloring a bit uneven to enhance the weathered look.

Step 3: Speaker Cap

After printing the speaker cap with supports, I sanded the piece.

I Painted it with a coat of black spray paint. I then sprayed it with silver.

I wrapped the center with painters tape and finished with a coat of black.

Step 4: Hilt

I printed the hilt with supports. I covered the part with a base coat of black and then printed it with silver paint. I put painters tape over the sections with the holes and repaint in black. In addition to keeping the holes unpainted, this keeps those stripes silver. Pulled off theta when dried and it gave me the look of the pieces being made of different material.

Step 5: Internal Components

Creation of the internals is a specialty and there refolds out there who can do it much bettering cheaper. I purchased mine from a company on easy called OuterRimSabers. They have 2 versions. Both of them light up the blade. The main difference is that the Tier 2 package makes sounds. Went for the sound. If you are going to do it, do it.

Tier 2 (90.00$)

Tier 1 (49.00$)

Step 6: Blade

I also bought my blade from Etsy. You can get them in multiple place starting at about $30.

General Blade Link

It is important to keep in mind that the blade should not be used for combat. Most basic consumer 3d printing filament typically doesn't hold up to excessive force or abuse.

Step 7: Assembly

I used pressure screws to hold the end onto the handled.

I used a lock type glue to attach the top to the handle.


Step 8: Enjoy!

At this point you can either add the blade and marvel at its beauty or you can create a base using one of the many 3d modeling programs or buy one online.

In order to add the blade you should use a pressure screw in the hole on the top .