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Introduction: Lightsaber Headboard

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Steph and our nephews/grandsons are big Star Wars fans! The idea for this project came to Steph one day while we were driving in the car. She saw a pile of newspaper end rolls and tried to think of DIY projects they could be used in. She came up with a lightsaber headboard of course! Making this special, unique gift for our nephews/grandsons motivated us to move forward! We started figuring out the plans together (and ultimately didn't use the end rolls, as PVC worked better).

Check out our website for full details and a how-to video.

Step 1: Gather Materials


  • PVC pipe- 3"x 10' (Home Depot cut this for us in 3- 40" pieces)
  • (2) PVC pipe- 1.5"x 62" (we already had these in our stash)
  • (2) PVC 3"x2" reducer
  • (2) Wood side pieces (used to connect lightsabers to connecting board 40"x1"x1")
  • (2) Ikea Diodes LED light strip
  • (2) Ikea Projs desk pad
  • (2) 3" clamp (stainless-steel, hose or worm clamp)
  • (3) Spray paint- silver, red, blue (we used Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Gloss)
  • Wood board (this is the connecting board 32"x40")
  • Glitter spray paint (Krylon glitter blast- diamond dust)
  • Great Stuff
  • Black duct tape, electrical tape
  • Punched Steel Flat Bar
  • Black paint (for connecting board)
  • Pool noodle, Clear wrap
  • Aluminum foil, Aluminum foil tape


  • (14) wood screws
  • (10) short bolts
  • PVC pipe drill bit (we used Bosch 5pc multi-material carbide tipped)
  • Drill/Screwdriver/Wrench
  • Metal cut snips

Measurements we used for twin bed:

  • Bed 38" across, 26" high
  • Connecting board 32" across by 40" high
  • Large PVC pipe 40" high by 3" across
  • Small PVC pipe 62" high
  • *This is what we used, yours might need to be a little different

Step 2: Spray Paint PVC & Design Handles

After we gathered our materials, we spray painted the two large PVC pipes silver and the two smaller PVC pipes red/blue. Then we used electrical and duct tape to make the lightsaber handles.

Step 3: Measure and Mark the Wood

We laid out the wood connecting board and wood side pieces. We marked our measurements.

Step 4: Screw Wood Side Pieces Onto Lightsaber Handle

We clamped the lightsaber and side pieces to a board and used the PVC drill bit to make pilot holes. Then we used wood screws for a nice strong hold.

Step 5: Cut Connecting Board

We cut our connecting board to size with a circular saw, but we could have gotten this done at Home Depot when we bought the wood.

Step 6: Drill Hole for LED Cable

We used the PVC safe drill bit again to make a hole, half way down the back of the lightsaber. This is for the LED light power cable. We needed the hole a little bigger so we followed that with a typical 1/2" drill bit.

Step 7: Clear Wrap LED Cable

We covered the LED cables that would be inside the pipe with clear wrap. We thought this would be helpful as we would be using Great Stuff foam to secure the PVC pipes inside. Then we fed the lights through the hole. We connected the lights and turned them on.

Step 8: Attach LED Lights

We set the middle PVC pipe in place and attached the lights. We bought adhesive color changing ribbon lights from Ikea. They are probably over kill for this project but we have used them in many projects and have never had an issue.

Step 9: Center Middle PVC Pipe

We realized a cut pool noodle was a great way to keep the middle PVC pipe centered. If we did this again, we would also add one to the top end. (we only had a flower shaped pool noodle which we trimmed, but a regular, round noodle would probably work better)

Step 10: Spray Great Stuff Foam in Bottom and Top

Next we took the lightsabers outside to spray Great Stuff foam in the bottom and top to keep the middle PVC pipe in place. Note: you might not need to do this if the pool noodle at the top and bottom make the lightsaber secure enough.

Step 11: Make Top of Lightsaber

After the Great Stuff dried, we moved on to making the top of the lightsaber. We used a piece of paper to make a template to determine how much overlap we needed for the cover. Then we marked our cover, which is a desk mat from ikea, and made our cuts.

Step 12: Complete Plastic Cover

We marked where the bolts would go and used a hole punch to start the holes. We rolled the plastic and used bolts to keep them together. We used a flat metal bar to make the plastic secure.

Step 13: Finish Top

We finished off the top with black duct tape. This covered up the Great Stuff foam and gave a nice finished look.

Step 14: Attach Clamp

We slid the cover on and used a 3" clamp to keep it in place. We cut the excess off and covered up (with duct tape) the sharp edge for safety.

Step 15: Make Spacer

Lastly, we needed a way to keep the middle PVC pipe secure with the outside cover. We tried different ideas (like pool noodle) but ended up wrapping aluminum foil in a circle and wrapping aluminum foil tape around that. This is the only part we are not so sure about. It works, and we were out of ideas so we let it be. But we know there is probably a better solution so get creative with your own!

Step 16: Paint Connecting Board

We also painted the connecting board black and sprayed glitter stars on it. We considered writing Andrew's name on it in Star Wars letters but we kept it plain if the kids switch beds overtime.

Step 17: Attach Lightsabers and Connecting Board

We packed the lightsabers and board in the car and headed to nephew/grandson Andrew's house. We attached the board to the side pieces on the lightsabers and got the headboard in place!

Step 18: Show the Headboard to the New Owner!

Andrew loved his new headboard so we call this a success!

For more detail and a how-to video check out our website.

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    5 years ago

    What was the cost of materials to make this! Our kids would love this.

    DIY for Homeowners
    DIY for Homeowners

    Reply 5 years ago

    If you check out our website we listed all the products we used and some prices. It's hard to say the final price because we had a lot of the materials already and you can shop around for different LED lights.


    5 years ago

    Epic idea, Id be tempted to use this idea but create a holder to hold the FX sabers so they can be removed and ised.

    Great idea

    DIY for Homeowners
    DIY for Homeowners

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks! We think so :)