Introduction: Lightweight Camping Stove

Amaze your friends with this awesome lightweight camping stove. As many of you have seen many stoves are made from all different kind of cans. In this instructable I'm going to show you my favorite version of it!


Step 1: What You Need:

2 small deodorant cans: same size (To make stove)
2 medium deodorant cans: same size (To make cover for stove)
4 nails (For holding pots, must be long and thin)
Heat resistant glue
Sand paper (150 for taking off the paint... and 300 to give it a nice clean shine)
Dremel (For making holes and cutting)
1 small coin for covering the filling holes

Step 2: How to Put It Together

1. Sand off the bottom part of the spray deodorant cans... just enough of what you are going to use...
2. Cut the two small ones exactly the same size (this will be your stove) and fit them into each other... Make 8 small holes on the top side for the fire and 4 on top for the nails. Make some holes in the middle for filling. The one on the outside is the top one!!! don't forget that... it works better that way...
3. Cut one of the medium ones so that it is only a bit higher than your stove make holes on it (like in the pictures)
4. Cut the other medium can just so that it is enough to cover the nails and fit into the other can, you might have to make some cuts so that it fits...

Use a lot of sand paper for everything so it's a tight fit....

Step 3: You Are Now Done


I'll be posting a video on how to make it soon!!! that's all for now!!!