Introduction: Lightweight and Retractable Wooden LapDesk

After see here some Lap Desk projects, i decide make my own version of project. This project is a mixed based some cool instructables i find.
So lets go guys


1. All measurements are in millimeters;
2. I used two small hinges, which I do not include in the drawings; Third, the wood I used was reused from a table;

3. This type of wood here was MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard);

4. The tools used were was: electric planer, manual planer, electric drill, simple Jigsaw and a sander orbital.

Step 1: Top and Foot Sides of the Lap Desk

I drawed on the wood and cut as the Project.

On the both foot from sides, i drilled the center and i used a jigsaw to cut as the project.

This internal cut is to leave weightless the lap desk and all diameters are to make lap desk more friendly, more "delicate".

Step 2: Assembly the Lap Desk

In the drawings the hinges are not included, so I used 4 hinges small, 2 per foot.
I mounted the hinges puting the foot aligned on the side table, using a drill i drilled the wood and were fixed with screws.

Step 3: Conclusion

Do not forget to sanding the wood and make the filleting the edges to stay, more comfortable.
Now you can paint or varnishing or give the finishing that you want. That's all and Thankyou for your time.