Lil' Buddy Paper Robot

Introduction: Lil' Buddy Paper Robot

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Learn how to make a Lil' Buddy 3000 paper robot! It's super easy.

The only supplies needed are scissors and a print-out of the robot pattern.

Step 1: Cut Out the Robot

Use the scissors to cut along the exterior of the robot.

Step 2: Cut Out the Detail

Cut along the red lines inside the robot body.

Step 3: Fold the Body

Grasp the paper, and fold along the blue lines, keeping the illustration on the outside.

Step 4: Assemble the Legs

Bring the edges of the robot around until they are touching, keeping the illustration on the outside.

Slide the slots at point A and B together. Both wheels should be facing away from the robot body.

Step 5: Fold Out the Arms

Locate the red "V" sections - on each side of the eyes. Fold both parts forward, toward the illustrated (top) side.

Step 6: Complete the Assembly!

Grasp the eye section and fold along the green line, toward the illustrated (top) side.

Reshape Lil' Buddy as needed, and you are done!

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