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Introduction: Lil' Pumpkin Patch Bracelet

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Here is how I made my Lil' Pumpkin Patch Bracelet. I decided to make a memory wire bracelet type because it will fit most adult wrist. You can also make child's bracelet by using a smaller diameter memory wire.

Orange Beads (I used Czech Glass #6 -Make sure the hole for the bead is not too large or your seed bead will fall through)
Green Seed Beads
Wire (I used copper)
Memory Wire

Heavy duty Cutters (for Memory Wire)
Round Nose Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers (Optional)

Step 1: Lil' Beaded Pumpkin

To make a lil' pumpkin, you will need the piece of wire, small orange bead, and a seed bead. First you want to make a spiral on one end of the wire so your beads will not fall off. I typically use a pair of flat nose and round nose pliers to create the spiral. If you want, you can use a headpin instead of the wire. Then put your beads on the wire with the larger bead first. Bend the wire back and then create a loop with your round nose pliers. Since I used a thinner wire, I wrapped the wire around to prevent the loop from opening up. Cut off any excess wire that you may have. Now you have a lil' pumpkin.

Step 2: Repeat

You want to make more of your lil' pumpkins. I only show 9 in the photo but I ended up making three more for a total of 12. Your amount you need will depend on your pattern of seed beads in the next step or the size of your beads.

Step 3: Make the Bracelet

First you want to cut a piece of memory wire that overlaps the ends of the loop at least an inch. Use your heavy duty wire cutters to cut a piece off. Then make a loop on one end so your beads do not fall off. I placed 10 seed beads and then the lil' pumpkin as my bead pattern. You want to keep repeating your pattern till you get all the way around. Then loop the other end of the memory wire and cut off any excess. Now your lil' pumpkin patch bracelet is ready to be worn!

You can always string your beads if you don't have memory wire and add a clasp.

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    6 years ago

    This is so cute! Thanks for sharing.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    So cute! What gauge of wire did you use?