Introduction: Lil Sidrassi

About: Synth Builder Record Digger Social Worker Educator Musician

This is paper face synth you can make.

First you print the board from this site:

Print circuit then fold and put a thin cardboard piece between folded pieces. I modgepogde'd it so it would stick more efficiently.

Step 1: Gather Bill of Materials

Gather your pieces.

You can find the bill of materials here:

Step 2: Assembly

On paper circuit board pre poke holes with either a sewing pin or really thin pin of sorts. It makes the process easier and you don't have to fight and bend your cardboard as you build.

Note, you have to solder everything together so have a ton of solder handy ! ! !

Step 3: Serge Boat Mounting (optional)

This is for you adventurous folk ! !

With the previous step, you could be completely done and have an awesome touch noise synth to scare your pets and irritate the shit outta your neighbors. BUTTTTTT

if you are feeling the virus and and adventurous try this project out!!!

I ended up mounting my board in one of my DIY serge synth boats. With the help of my friend Jim the circuit necromancer, we built a 15v to 9v converter that could power off my power supply rail. From that point on, I mounted the proper leads of power and did a point to point solder for all the touch points on the circuit. It really doesn't matter what color of banana plug you use, but always remember to use a green plug for your ground touch point. I kept it simple and put a green plug for ground.

Step 4: Front Panel Plug Placement

Follow the rabbit hole here: