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Introduction: Lily Leaf Lighting

I made a lighting inspired by nature, especially arbitrary shape of long lily leaves. Nature is very structured and consistent but it looks so random to our eyes. My goal was to create various shapes in one lighting from different angles. Lighting has many curves in it but it looks linear and structured at the same time.

Step 1: Paint Plexi Glass

Cut the 1/8 thick plexi glass in random sizes. I didn't major the exact size but still made sure the length is longer than 50inches to make the three main frames. I wanted to create mysterious and exotic mood so I decided to use black light. I painted the plexi glass using brush. I intentionally left the stroke of brush to give more texture.

Step 2: Bend the Plexi Glass

Every process was pretty arbitrary. I bent three 50 inches plexi glass using heat gun as it can match the top and bottom. Bending the plexi glass is pretty easy. You can put the glass on a flat surface and heat the part you want to bend. I used 1/8 thickness of plexi glass so it took about 30 seconds to be ready to bend

Step 3: Make Notches

I made no using band saw on the plexiglass so I can put them together for the bottom part of the lighting. You just need to kind of eye ball where you need to notch in order to connect to pieces together. If your notches doesn't match, you can always bend the plexi glass again with the heat gun.

Step 4: Connect the Notches Together

This step is simple. You simply glue the notches together. You should use plexi glass glue.

Step 5: Put the Top Part Together

On the top, I used the bolts and buts to put them together instead of using notches. I was going to put little plate to connect the chain so I can hang to the ceiling. Put the 3 pieces of plexi glasses together and drill make three holes. Two on the sides for the bolts and nuts and one in the middle for the black light bulb.

Step 6: Put the Plate and Install the Black Light Bulb

I made holes on a metal plate like I did on the top of the plexi glass so they match together. Then you can install the black light using the hole in the middle. Bolts and buts on each sides are going to keep the plexi glass pieces together.

Step 7: Add More Pieces

This is pretty much repeating step 2 and 3. Bend more plexi glass and make notches to put them to the main frame. This step is not necessary if you want more simple shape of lighting.

Step 8: Attach the Chain

I bought 1feet of chain so I can hang it to the ceiling. You can choose any type of chain you want! Now you are finished!

Step 9: Look at It in Many Different Angle

Top two picture is taken in day time and other ones are taken at night. It creates so many different shapes and mood.

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    5 years ago

    Wow! You're amazing


    5 years ago

    The texturing and form look really pretty with that light :)