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Introduction: Limousine 2012

This project was my idea, which emerged from the summer of 2011, but only on 2 January of 2012 i started to make the limousine. The project is not finalized due to some counter-time and lack of funds, and the final idea was to paint it pink.

Up to this point took about 21 days, and only about €150 (yes, just 150 because the car was a offer of a good friend)...
I made this limousine alone, from a Seat Ibiza, and the idea was to participate on the  "Carnival of Torres Vedras (Portugal)" taking place between 17 and 21 February, but i couldn't finish in time, so it needs to be for the next year Carnival...

Thanks, and enjoy :)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I've heard of this type of project before, so I have a bit of a caution to offer:

    1) Most modern cars are "unit-body" construction, meaning that the body ittself is part of the support structure. You have just cut off half of this.

    2) Since the car is longer, the leverage on the existing frame is greater. In terms of engineering, changing the length of a beam is non-linear. For instance, a 10ft span is going to bend 8x as much as a 5ft span! (see also

    3) Finally, because the car is bigger you'll probably wind up carrying more people than it could originally hold.

    More load, less support, longer leverage... all these things add up to a common gotcha. That is, the car looks great when it rolls out of the shop, but as you drive it starts to sag in the middle like and overweight dachshund.  Again, I've heard stories!

    Please take the time to reinforce those side supports AND the frame!!!