Introduction: LineOut Cable for Sony Walkman With Wm-port

My first messy instructable :D
didnt spend much time so its messy
will probably clean this up later

This is for people with Sony walkman series with WM-Port
who dont want to spend too much on a dock OR the shop doesnt seem to sell them
(i'm in nz and sony nz website didnt list it. maybe there's one at the sonystyle shop tho)

I had a nw-s703 walkman which i liked but i started having problems with the audio output from the jack which i think is the one that says they will fix for free but was too lazy to get it fixed.
(i bought a new nwz-s73x series tho)

nz sony site didnt list the dock, amazon wouldnt ship those overseas and i didnt want to spend too much
i searched on english sites for a line out cable but found nothing.
so i searched japanese sites and found some which had instructions to make it so here it is

This should work for all walkman with wm-port

there arent many pics as i found this site few months after i made the cable and decided to write this now

i am planning to make another cable :D but i dont know if they sell them here gotta go to the sonystyle shop in the city and check ><

i got the info from here

Step 1: Stuff You Need

here are the Stuff you need

. a LineIn cable / recording cable
WMC-NWR1 or wm something that comes with the nwz ?( forgot the name for it)
( i used the line in cable that came with my new nwz-736 and its headphone plug is like the gold one)
or something ilke DCC-NWC1 Car Connecting Cable which would be the easiest to rewire


. the usual soldering stuff ( if you have one a solderthing iron with a thin tip )
i used one of those normal ones and it was a pain to solder the stuff......WM-PORT is small so...

. a resistor ( you need to choose a resistor depending on what you want (in next step))

. something to hold the port plug. and has like a magnifying glass (it makes things easier i did it without and it was quite hard)

. something like a knife thingy to open the plastic shell of the plug and to remove the chip resistor thingy

. maybe a switch to change between lineIn and lineOut or switch between resistors if you are good at these things

. a female jack OR one of those things with female jack on both side

. a multimeter

. a insulation tape thing

spare usb cable you dont mind cutting (use the male side)

. a walkman with wm-port to test it

. a speaker/earphone/headphone to connect the cable and walkman to test it

This should work for all walkman with wm-port

Step 2: Choosing a Resistor and Pin Info

this is something i found
i translated this quickly so might have some mistake

(it doesnt like my language >< wont display ohm sign properly lol)

Rc | (recording) | (LineOut) |
inf x x <BCR-NWS700,USB-cable>
220k ohm o x <WMC-NWR1>
100k ohm o o ( variable )
68k ohm o x
47k ohm x o ( fixed )
33k ohm x o ( variable )
22k ohm o o ( fixed ) <SRS-NWZ10>
15k ohm o o ( variable )
10k ohm x o ( variable ) <WS-12L(���P)>
4.7k ohm x o ( fixed ) <DCC-NWC1>

o = it can
x = it can't

with variable you can change the output volume ( has BEEP sound when turned on in settings)

with fixed the volume is fixed at maximum (30) when cable is removed from wm-port volume returns to the volume before it was set to max and changes back to headphone output.

when connected to DC supply: 5V in pin 07 and pin 20

when connected to USB: 5v in pin 07 and pin 11

#pin-No:Long/Short: description
01: L: GND
02:S :
03:S : USB data +
04:S : USB data -
05: L: USB GND
06: L:
07: L: Vin(5V)
08:S : RxD/Wake (control-signal-input)
09:S : check Cradle
10:S : TxD/Sleep (control-signal-output)
11:S : check USB
12: L: battery-output
13:S : audio-left-input
14:S : audio-left-output
15: L: audio-GND
16:S : audio-right-input
17:S : audio-right-output
18: L: (video) GND
19:S : (vidoe-in/out) (hmm i wonder if i can make a vid in/out cable too lol)
20:S : check DC-input
21:S : (digital_out)
22: L: GND

checks if connected to cradle with pin 08 -- (direct) pin 10

check type by pin09 -- Rc -- GND with Rc resistance

Step 3: Removing and Soldering

If you used the dcc car cable you can just cut the wire and connect the wires to a plug or female jack and use it (i think it was like that) you will need to check the wires with the multimeter

BUT the wire will probably have some kind of coating on it so you will have to scrape it off or
try removing the coating with your soldering iron first

you can connect a usb cable / or some other way of charging (i think)
if you are going to use a usb to charge with the plug the pins for 5v on usb is
pin1: +5v
pin2: +data
pin4: -5v
check the polarity? by plugging the usb and check which wire is the +5 and - 5v (i think it will work like this but i dunno since i havent tried)

i think you can do the same thing with the line out (not sure i havent tried)

larger image of the wm port plug

first you need to remove the two input cables and the Rx thing
easiest way to remove the Rx might be to heat the solder and hold the iron there and use something like a - screw driver or those knife things you used (if you used it) to open the shell to remove it

solder the resistor to the pins 9 and 22 and making sure you dont solder the pins beside it together
easiest way if you dont have a soldering iron with a thin tip would be go get somthing like a insulation tape or something and cover the pins around the pin you want to solder to

solder the L and R cable from the plug to pin 14 and 17 and GND to the same GND the line in uses OR if you screw up with the audio GND on the left like me... ( the whole solder thing came off the board)
there's another Audio GND pin PIN 15 :D


You can just solder the wires you removed from the other end of the other board which is connected to the plug. If you are doing this then you should check the GND, L and R with a multimeter. The bottom of the plug should be the GND and i'm not sure which one is the L and R

you can cut off the plug at the other end and solder a female jack if you want.

Step 4: Finished?

put tape around the wires ect to prevent short circuit

connect the cable to speaker and walkman and test

if there is no sound then its probably short circuiting or you soldered it to the wrong pin or you soldered the wrong wires or something similar

if there is humming sound when the wire is connected but music is not playing try playing a song and see if it stops (mine does this)

if there is a humming sound when the music is playing try soldering the audio gnd wire to the other gnd pin (mine did this)