Linear Actuator Mechanism Using DC Motor




Introduction: Linear Actuator Mechanism Using DC Motor

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Hello friends, in this instructable we are going to make a linear actuator using a simple DC motor.

The application of this instructable is in controlled bi-directional linear mechanism smoothly in one axis. In this we are going to use motor controller IC [L293D].This IC can also be used to control one more motor bidirectionally with it but in this instructable we are using only one motor. The inputs are given to it using push buttons and output through DC motor.

This is made just to understand the conversion of rotary motion to linear motion easily.


1. 300rpm DC motor

2. Iron Rod (present in old CD driver)

3. Nut and bolt

4. Washer

5. L293D IC

6. Push Buttons

7. Connecting Wires

8. Wood pieces

9. Cardboard

10. Breadboard

11. 3.7v Li-ion cells*3 and holder

Step 1: Moving Base Assembly

1. Take a cardboard piece and make a hole at the center. Stick the washer and bolt coinciding the hole

2. Insert the nut and check whether it is moving smoothly or not

3. Take those iron rods and mark hole at symmetrical distance from the center and pass through them as shown

Step 2: Adding Support

1. Take the wooden pieces and join board the rods on it using glue

2. Now take the movable base and assemble them together

This support work to hold the base while the nut is rotating so that the base goes up and down easily.S

Step 3: Rotating Part

I'm using bolt to hold the motor at one position you can use something else like holder.

Stick the washer at the tip and connect the inner threaded rod to it.

Step 4: Main Body

Take the support that we made previously and remove the nut from it.

Join the remaining with the moving parts base such that the motors center and base center coincide with each other.

Take the nut and add it again at its place and stick with the rotating part tight.

Step 5: Controller Circuit

Take the breadboard and do the connections as shown.

Note:- The L293D IC can be used to control 4 motors simultaneously in one direction or 2 motors in bidirectional direction.

Here we are controlling only one motor bidirectionally that's why we need only two push buttons.

Join the motor terminals at breadboard at pin no.3 and pin no.6

Inputs are given at pin no.2 and pin no.7

Pin no.4, 5, 12 and 13 are grounded

Step 6: Power Supply

Pin no. 8 and 18 are for supply. Their are two enable pins[1 and 9] among them.

I have given supply to both the enable pins just to show the complete circuit otherwise you can also give supply to only one sides enable pin and control the motor according to that.

Power supply range should be in between 4.5 to 36v

Step 7: Final Result

Connect the power supply and its done!

Thanks for reading if any doubt then watch the complete video given in next step.

Step 8: Making Video

If you have any doubt do check the video of making.


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