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Introduction: Lined Poly Vinyl Cell Phone Pouch

Many times, I just need a small container for my phone and my ID, and it has to be able to go through a little wear and tear.  Looking through the remnants section of my local fabric store, I found some teal poly vinyl so I decided to make a waterproof pouch for my cell phone and the few cards I usually carry.  I first made an unlined version (, and then I decided to take it up a notch with a second version and added some medium weight cotton lining.

I hope you find this helpful!  All of this tutorial can be made on a standard sewing machine, but for ease, I would suggest making this version on a walking foot industrial sewing machine.

I made this at TechShop!
TechShop Pittsburgh:
TechShop homepage:

Step 1: Get Your Materials Together

- Ruler
- Thread: This is not pictured, but I used an all purpose white.
- Fabric: From the dimensions of my phone (height, length, and depth), I cut out fabric pieces according to this equation:
width of fabric = twice the width of my phone + twice the depth of my phone + 1"
length of fabric = length of my phone + 1"
My pieces ended up being 6"x6".
For the strap, I just eyeballed a good length from the lining material, and used a 2" width.
Dimensions: 2"x5"
The outside was poly vinyl (the thickness is shown in one of the pictures), and the lining was a medium weight cotton.
- Rotary cutter (or shears)
- Pins or duct tape depending on your fabric
- Standard sewing machine
- Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine
- Thread cutter (The sewing machine I used actually had one built in)
- Iron/ironing board (makes hems easier, but make sure your fabric can be ironed.)

Step 2: Make Hems for the Top of the Pouch

Depending on the weight of the outside fabric, you may need to duct tape the fold down. I could have pinned, but it did not stay in place very well so I chose to use duct tape. Straight stitch inside the duct tape.  Remember: poly vinyl should not be ironed.

In order to make the hem on the lining, fold 1/4" of the fabric and iron (make sure it's the side of the fabric that will be the top).  Fold half of this ironed portion in on itself and iron again.  You should now have an 1/8" inch ironed fold.  Pin this down with the pins perpendicular to the fold.  Straight stitch the fold - making sure to take out the pins as you go.

At the end of this step you should have two pieces that are hemmed on the side that will be the top of the pouch.

Step 3: Make the Strap

Hem one side of the piece of fabric. Then, fold in one length and iron.  Pin this side down. Straight stitch. Repeat with other side.

Step 4: Attach the Strap to the Outside Piece of Fabric

Pin the strap to the "bad" side of the outside piece of fabric.  Straight stitch close to the edge.  For added strength, stitch an "X" on the rest of the strap (see second picture).

Step 5: Attach the Lining to the Outside Piece

Place the lining on top of the outside piece (hemmed sides lined up and "bad" sides on the inside).  Pin in place.  Straight stitch close to the edge.

Step 6: Stitch the Pouch Into Its Shape

Separate the lining and the outside piece and then fold them in half (hotdog style).  Pin/duct tape the length together (the long side).

Straight stitch over this one side and the bottom of the outside fabric - be sure to cut a hole where you want your strap to attach on the outside fabric. I would strongly suggest using a walking foot industrial sewing machine for this step because you are stitching over many layers of fabric in the middle of the stitch.

If you flipped your tube inside out, it would look like the last photo above (don't do this yet).

Step 7: Make the Bottom of the Pouch Flat

Partially flip your tube inside out - lining side out and outside part in.  Put your phone (or other object) inside the pouch (it should be touching the good side of the poly vinyl) so that the bottom of the phone is perpendicular to the bottom stitch. Press you finger up to where your phone ends and this should make a triangular shape. Mark the edge of this triangle.  Do the same to the other side.

Take your phone out of the pouch. Stitch along the marking you made. Cut off the extra fabric.

Your pouch will now have a flat bottom.

Step 8: Close Up the Lining Hole and Finish

Flip everything the right side out so that both "good" sides are lying out and your pouch looks like a tube.

Fold in about 1/4 to 1/2" of the lining.  Iron this down and pin if you would like.  Straight stitch the hole closed.

In order for the lining to lie flat against the bottom, stitch the sides at a 45 degree angle and cut off the excess fabric. Push the lining inside and you're done!

Congrats! You now have a pouch for your phone. If you want an easier version of this instructable or you could do without the lining, check this out:

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