Introduction: Lines of Magnetism- Oersted Experiment

I have been talking to lot many students off late, Magnetism is one topic which children find fascinating yet it is difficult to make them understand some concepts only from texts. supplies kits in schools and i am part of the core team of product development. We designed this simple kit which has become our star seller. I am sharing the idea here.

Material Required

1. One piece of thick copper wire

2. Three compasses

3. Connecting wire

4. One 1.5 V battery cell

5. One cello tape

6. Cardboard base

Once you complete the path, the electricity starts flowing through the thick copper wire. The compass would be able to detect the presence of the magnetic field around this wire. When the direction of the current is reversed, the direction of the magnetic field is also changed.


Fix the thick copper wire to the cardboard base

Place the three compasses beside the insulated copper wire

Cut the connecting wire into 2 pieces and bare the ends of the wire on all sides

Connect the thick copper wire to battery cell with the help of these connecting wires.

JUST MADE A CIRCUIT TO OBSERVE THE LINES OF MAGNETISM GENERATED BY AN ELECTRIC CURRENT! When the circuit is complete, the compasses show the presence of magnetic field

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