Introduction: Link

Inspired by our modern world, in which distance is an unspoken member of every relationship, we developed Link.

Link is a platform to connect people in a simple yet meaningful way. Powered by the internet of things and the intel edison platform, Link allows you to connect with your loved ones and have a lo-fi communication.

Step 1: Pull the Code

The code is present on two github repos:

Here is the code that you will need to deploy to your intel edison:

And here is the code you will need for running your own server:

Clone both these repos.
To deploy code to your edison,
* export EDISON_HOST="you_edison_name.local"
* from the hackaton_iot folder:
npm run deploy

Step 2: Plug in the Sensors

You need:
* intel edison
* Grove base shield
* Grove sensor kit

Wire all the sensors as described in comments in hackaton_iot/sensors.js

Step 3: Build a Fancy Case

Your imagination is the limit.

Step 4: Link Your Friends!

By touching the touch sensor, you attempt to link with your friend.
They will hear a sound, the red led will turn on and their LCD will look as in the picture.
If they touch the sensor, you are connected.

While no-one lets go of the touch sensor, you are sharing that precious moment <3

Step 5: Connect

One of the apps we made let's you share your mood with your friend by using a rotary sensor.

More screenshots:

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