Introduction: LinkIt ONE Battery Charging SMS Alert

About: Biomedical Engineer

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a LinkIt ONE Battery charging SMS alert. A phone number will be saved in the sketch and that cannot be changed via the serial monitor; you have to change it and upload the code again. Your battery will be charging and connected to the LinkIt ONE, which is connected to your PC. Once the battery is full, an SMS will be sent to the phone number provided earlier, to tell that the battery has fully charged and to remind you to disconnect it.

This is useful in circumstances where you want to fully charge your LinkIt ONE battery and don’t want to go and check the serial monitor again and again, and don’t want to risk overcharging your battery. Also, there is a chance of fires when batteries are overcharged, which can be disastrous.

Step 1: Materials Required

  • Already set-up LinkIt ONE board
  • USB cable to connect LinkIt ONE to PC
  • Pre-paid SIM card with credit. Service charges may also apply

Step 2: The Code

Download the attached code and look in the pictures for where you have to change the mobile number on which the alert is received. Once done, select the right COM port by verifying it first from your device manager and when uploaded, move on to the next step

Step 3: How to Use

Firstly, you should connect battery for charging. To do that, set the switch to “BAT” and then plug in the battery. Connect the USB cable to your PC and LinkIt ONE. Look at the pictures if you don’t understand.

Once done, when the battery level reaches 100%, an SMS will be sent to your phone to alert you to to go and disconnect the battery.

I have put the code in void setup and because of that, it will only send one SMS.

This is pretty easy but if you have any problems, comment and I will help you out.