[LinkIt ONE] GPS Tracker + MediaTek Cloud Sandbox Tutorial




Introduction: [LinkIt ONE] GPS Tracker + MediaTek Cloud Sandbox Tutorial

This tutorial is to show how to build a wifi-based GPS tracker with MediaTek Cloud Sandbox and even on mobile app.

Step 1: Prerequisite: Register a Free Account of MCS(MediaTek Cloud Sandbox)

Go to the official website: https://mcs.mediatek.com/

Register a free count https://mcs.mediatek.com/oauth/en/login

Step 2: Create a New Prototype for GPS

Sign into MCS and click "Development", and then click "Create".

Step 3: Input the Name, Version As Indicated Below, Click “Save” to Complete

Step 4: After the Prototype Be Finished, Click "detail" to Edit the Prototype

Step 5: You Will Be Brought to a Fly-through Tutorial to Understand Basic Functions, You May Click “Exit” Should You Wish to Skip Through This Step.

Step 6: Now Let's Create the Following Data Channels Summarize As Below

Step 7: Click “Add” to Create First Data Channel

Step 8: Click “Add” Under the Display Data Channel

Step 9: Filling in the Data Channel Detail As Below, Click “Save” to Complete.

Step 10: And Then You Will See a Data Channel Is Created As Shown

Step 11: Repeat Step 7~10 to Complete LATITDUE, LONGITUDE, LED_DISPLAY Data Channel Create.

Step 12: Create LED_CONTROL Controller Data Channel by Selecting Controller Type Data Channel

Step 13: Click “Create Test Device” Button, Fill in the Name, and Then Click “Go to Detail”

Step 14: Here Is the Detail Page of the Created Test Device, and Copy the DeviceId and DeviceKey

Step 15: Download the GPS Tracker Arduino Code, And

If you don't have the arduino http client library, please download it and import.


Edit the GPS tracker code as below:



Step 16: After the Code Is Compile and Uploaded to the Board Correctly, the Board Will Send GPS Data to the Test Device You Have Created As in the Screen Shot Below:

Step 17: You Can Also Use MCS Mobile Application to View the GPS Data on Mobile

Download the MCS Mobile Application:

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    3 years ago

    I am not able to do step 6 can you help me to step 6. Thanks in advance

    Gustavo FellipeA
    Gustavo FellipeA

    4 years ago

    It seems I'm currently in some desert near Abu Dhabi... haha

    For some reason, the coordinates have the right values, but are both positive, while mine real ones (western, south) are negative.


    5 years ago


    thanks a lot for the nice project.

    It works fine using the WIFI connection. But when i try to send the GPS data via GPRS it dont work for me. The serial monitor shows

    "GPRS attaching...Success!"

    "Connecting to site...Success!"

    "Waiting for HTTP response......Success!"

    "Connecting to TCP..."

    So i think it cant connect via TCP. Do you have any ideas about this issue?


    5 years ago