LinkIt ONE- Music Player

Introduction: LinkIt ONE- Music Player

Who else loves music? I bet those who do will find this Instructable interesting and fun to do.

Before i start this instructable i would like to thank Instructables to provide me and 249 others a LinkIt ONE board. LinkIt ONE is a arduino compatible developer board. The LinkIt One has built in SD card support and sound. I built this to show school kids the simple yet cool stuffs that can be programmed/made using LinkIt ONE.

In this instructable, i will be guiding you in setting up a mp3 player on your board and playing music via external speakers.

Step 1: Setting Up LinkIt ONE Software

Download Arduino IDE 1.5.6-r2 BETA or 1.5.7 BETA and then the latest SDK of LinkIT . This will install all drivers needed and then you can try running a sample project from SDK to check if all is working well.

For more information you can check out their official webpage here.

Step 2: Hardware Setup

Supplies/Components needed:

1.) SD card.

2.) External audio jack speakers (I have used headphones here).

Step 3: Setting the SD Card

1.)Format your SD card and load songs into it.

2.)Insert the SD card in LinkIt ONE [Make sure your LinktIt ONE is in SD Card readable mode]

3.)Connect your speaker to the LinkIt ONE's audio jack.

Step 4: Testing the Code.

Modify the code depending on your song names and number of songs you have in the SD card.

Right now i don't have a switch/keypad to change the songs, so i'll be using the Serial commands to change it. In the code here, to start a song, ill have to type a number corresponding to the song in the list. The volume here is set to 3. You can change it depending on your preference [max value is 6].

Step 5: Additional

The next step which i would want to add to this later will be a volume controller and a keypad.

The linkIt ONE can be made to run on battery [comes with the board], so this player is more suitable with LinkIt ONE compared to other boards like Intel Edison, Raspberry pi.

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    5 years ago

    Is it necessary to format sd and then adding only song?

    Shreyansh Jain J
    Shreyansh Jain J

    Reply 5 years ago

    Not really. You can do it without formatting it too.
    Formatting must makes sure that the unnecessary songs have been removed and maintains a clean directory.