Introduction: LinkIt ONE and IBM Bluemix

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Well IBM seems to have gotten into the Internet of Things services in a big way. And whether you're in the U.S. or China, or Australia IBM says you can work with their cloud. You can view live data from your device. If you want to see it take at look at:

This I'ble will allow you to view in a web browser (FireFox, Chrome, etc) your data from a DHT22 connected to your LinkIt One.

Step 1: Parts Needed

(If you see a Youtube video I don't know why that is in this I'ble? It's nowhere to be seen when I edit this and I never added it?)

You will need a:

  • LinkIt One (The Ultimate Developers Board for Wearables and Internet of Things!)
  • DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor
  • Bread board and jumpers
  • 10k ohm resistor
  • You can use your bread board or insert one lead of the 10k resistor to the 5v pin on the sensor and the other lead to the signal pin. - Connect the DHT22 signal pin to pin 2 on the LinkIt One.

Step 2: Load Sketch and Connect

Using this quick start sketch you can easily check out how it works without having to create an account with IBM Bluemix How rare is that?

In the sketch you will have to include your WiFi network details such as network name, the password you use when connecting to your WiFi network and the MAC address of your LinkIt One. You will see the MAC address on the back of the LinkIt One. In the photo the MAC address is the 14 character/number between the red dots

#define WIFI_AP "your_ap_ssid" <-- Your WiFi network name
#define WIFI_PASSWORD "your_password" #define WIFI_AUTH LWIFI_WEP // choose from LWIFI_OPEN, LWIFI_WPA, or LWIFI_WEP.

char macstr[] = "aabbccddeeff"; // Enter the LinkIt One MAC address here

Download the Quick Start sketch and open it in your Arduino IDE. Then after you have entered the necessary in formation, click the upload button in the Arduino IDE to upload the sketch to the LinkIt ONE. After the upload is done and the board reboots (if you did everything right, I'm sure you did) it should connect to your WiFi network and send the data to the cloud. Using your web browser enter this URL , Once you reach the IBM Bluemix page enter the MAC address from your LinkIt One and click Go.

Congratulations, you should be seeing your temp and humidity. If it doesn't seem to be working double check the information you entered into the sketch.