Introduction: LinkIt One - Motion Sensor

Have you ever wanted to know if anyone enters your room or breaks into our house when you are not at your house. So in this instructable I'm going to show you how to build a Motion triggered notifier that notifies you when someone fires the alarm. Like the previous few instructables

I'm going to use a LinkIt One board to power the project. And this project needs to be connected to the internet and what better way to do it than use the LinkIt One.

So lets get started....

Step 1: Requirements

Here is a list of components required for this instructable...

  • LinkIt One
  • Battery
  • Motion sensor
  • Antenna
  • Breadboard
  • Jumper wires

Once you have all the parts its is time to get started...

Step 2: Motion Sensor

For the motion sensor I'm using this old school sensor, you could also use the sensor compatible with a Arduino but those sensors have a smaller distance range. This sensor has a wider range and can cover a range of about an average room. With a little tweaks this sensor can be made to work with a LinkIt One board.

Step 3: Circuit

The motion sensor acts as a switch and the switch fires every time any motion is detected. So we can connect is to the LinkIt One directly and there is not much of a need for any external circuits. But the sensor does require a 12V power supply to power it. So you may need to keep the sensor plugged in for it to function properly.

You also need to plug in the WiFi antenna of the LinkIt One board as we need to get it connected to a WiFi network for it to work.

Step 4: Code

The code can be found below you will need a Arduino IDE with the LinkIt One plugin to upload the code to the board. Also make sure you enter your WiFi SSID and password in the field where it says SSID and password. Upload the code to the suitable Com port.

After uploading the code to the board, open up a serial monitor and you will get an IP address displayed once the LinkIt One is successfully connected to the network. Open that IP on a web browser.