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In this instructable I will show you how to use your LinkIt one with your computer as phone. I made simple program in visual studio to making phone calls and sending SMS's. It's very simple project and you need only few things to make it. Additionaly it is usefull. If you don't know how to start with linkit one or you have some troubles read this:

If you still have questions after reading this, leave a comment and I will try to help you :)

Step 1: What You Will Need?

1.You will need LinkIt one this is arduino comptible board with 260 MHz clock, WI-FI, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, GSM, microSD card reader and audio jack. Also USB cabel to connect it to computer.

2. Headphones e.g. from your phone, it must have build in microphone.

4.SIM card

3. Computer with windows

Thats all you need!

Step 2: Open Your SIM Card

To open your SIM card you need plug it to your phone, go to settings -> security -> set up SIM card lock -> lock SIM card enter here your pin and press OK now your SIM card is open. If you like to set pin again go to same place and enter pin that you like to have.

Step 3: Connection

So "connection"connect your USB cable to LinkIt one and the other side to computer. Plug your headphones to audio jack. You also need to connect GSM antenna to board and insert SIM card.

Step 4: LinkIt One Program

Program is make of course in arduino IDE, it's get data from serial as let's say frames. For example when you like to send SMS to 123456789 and wrtie hello, how are you? frame will look like this:

S123456789Thello, how are you?


T - text

If you like to call to 123456789 it will look like this:


C - call

And it's end call for new line so if you send empty new line it will end call and if you send something in new line it will end call to.

Step 5: Computer Program

This is very, very simple program. Visual studio is great program and it's make a lot of work for us. So I write just few lines to make it work. You can download just .exe file or .zip file to see and edit this program.

How to use it?

1.Connect your link it one as decribed in step 4

2.Open my program

3.Choose your serial port

Voice call:

4.Type number that you like to call

5.Press green button

6.When you like to end call press red button


4.Type number that you like to call

5.Write message that you like to send

6.Press send

Step 6: Conclusion

At the end I like to say that I know that maybe it's better to use skype or anything else but if you like talking on the phone here you can do it in new way (and sending SMS) Thanks for reading!

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