Linkit One Controlled El-wire

Introduction: Linkit One Controlled El-wire

In the last instructable I showed you how to build a electronic dice using the Linkit One, in this instrucable I'm going to show you how to control El-Wire using the Linkit One. This is Christmas week and this instructable will help you set up El-wire around Christmas tree. El-wires operate at 120V AC and to control it using the Linkit One we need to use relays.

If you just got your Linkit One board be, sure to check out my previous instructables before diving right into this one.

Step 1: Tools and Components

So lets start with gathering all the components and tools required for this project. Most of the components come along the LinkIt one box, like battery and WiFi antenna. So here is what you need -

  • LinkIt One
  • 5V relay
  • El Wire
  • El Wire Inverter
  • Breadboard
  • Jumper wires

Step 2: Circuit

The circuit is quite simple and can be found in the image above. Make sure you choose the right inverter depending on the type of el-wire you will be using. I used a 12V inverter which is capable of lighting up to 5m of el-wire. Also make sure you use gloves while working with this project as you will be dealing with 120V AC voltages.

Step 3: Code

For the code we will be using the blink example in the arduino IDE as it is great for decorative lighting purposes. You can also change the delay making the el-wire blink faster or slower depending on your preference.

Step 4: Wrapping Up

After assembling it cover the circuit in a box, so no one would touch it. Also isolate the other end of the wire using some tape, as this would prevent any risk of short circuit. The circuit is similar for other decorative lighting too.

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