Introduction: Linkit One: Electric Equipment Control With Smartphone

The main aim of this project to fulfill some basic need of human laziness with own smart phone.But its called smart way because we are controlling electric equipment through our smartphone.So lets began thrill to learn this project.

Initial requirement for this project

1. LinkIt One

2. 5V relay module(No need any additional adapter)

3. 7 LED to test your functionality

4. USB cable

5. Your WIFI server code (Need some changes like UI and Credential to access)

6. You can also control from Bluetooth Controller which available on play store

I have made first time this project on Linkit One

Now i am going to build lot of other project on this hardware because its very fast as compare of raspberry pi.

Step 1: Upload Code in LinkIt One for WIfi

Simple steps for Wifi server

1. Just upload code as WifiServer

2. Start WiFi Hotspot of your smartphone with specific credential

3. Connect hotspot from LinkIt One using Wifi server with same credential as present in Hotspot

4. Check IP address of your LinkIt One in Smartphone

5. Enter Same IP address in browser URL

6. After that you will get UI to control your Relay module

Step 2: Upload Code in Bluetooth Controller in LinkIt One

Simple steps for Bluetooth server

1. Get code from Google Bluetooth Controller App Free Download .

2. Create Bluetooth server and connect it from LinkIt One.

3. You can customize pin number with name in Bluetooth controller App