Introduction: Linkit One Object Avoiding Robot

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This i'ble deals with object avoiding techniques of linkit one.

Its simple to make a object avoiding robot using linkit one. First connect HC-SR04 to linkit one than connect relay to linkit one and finally connect both the motors to relay and battery respectively.

Now program linkit one and leave it free. It will start avoiding obstacle and will find its path.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Parts :
  • Linkit one board( +installed SDK)
  • HC-SR04
  • Motors Geared( 4v-12v)
  • Caster Wheel
  • Relay ( 3v )
  • BC547 Transistor
  • 1k
  • Cardboard Box
  • Wheels
  • Battery

Tools :
• Wire Stripper or Scissors
• Tape
• Soldering Iron
• Solder Wire

Step 2: Preparing the Body

For the body I have used a cardboard box of my PSP . You can use any other size box too . First you need to make space for your HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor . Than attach your sensor with tape in the box and then plug in you female wires to the sensor . Now we just need to plugin wires in Linkit One .

We also need to attach geared motors to the box . Make space for them and then open the screw of motors attach them and then tighten the screw . Attach male wires to the motors .

Caster wheel is still left to attach it open the screws of it then fit the Caster wheel and then tighten the screw .

Step 3: Relay

We have seen that the output Current of Linkit One is very less . Therefore it is necessary to amplify it using BC547 Transistor .

The circuit :

  1. Connect first terminal of 1k resistor to Linkit one's output pin (D4) & second to base of BC547.
  2. Connect the collector pin of BC547 to Relay's +.
  3. & connect Relay's - to + 5V of Linkit One.
  4. Connect emitter of BC547 to GND.
  5. First terminal of one motor will be connected to Normally closed pin of relay.
  6. Second terminal will be connected relay's common pin.

Now when relay will be triggered HIGH motor will turn of.

Step 4: Code

Upload the following code to Linkit One and join the connections as told in the code.

Step 5: Completion

Connect the Battery of Linkit One to it.

Join the 8V Battery to Motor and relay.

Power your Linkit One and leave it Free. It will start avoiding objects.


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