Introduction: Linkit One Prototyping Platform

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So the Linkit One case is pretty good for making permanent projects with the board but I needed something on which I could prototype easily. I also wanted a small assortment of things which would make my prototyping even easier so that I would not have to fish through my extensive component bank to look for the simplest of components.

So I came up with this. A basic Linkit One board mounted on a platform and a box with all the required things for prototyping.

Step 1: Materials Required

For now I wont get into the contents of the parts box. I will just focus on the other stuff.

  1. Plexiglass Base
  2. Mounting Hardware
  3. Double Sided Tape
  4. Bread Board (Any Size)
  5. Medium Sized Container (i.e Altoids)

Step 2: Linkit One Mounting

This is pretty simple. Cut a appropriate sized plexiglass piece. I went for 6" x 4". Then place the Linkit One such that there is space for mounting the breadboard. Mark the holes. Drill and mount using nuts and bolts. Mount such that there is space under for the battery. Stick the battery under using tape and stick the three antennas as well. Stick the tiny breadboard there too.

Step 3: Parts Box

The following are the things you will be adding to your parts box for fulfilling your prototyping needs.

  1. 5x Led of three colors (i.e red, green, blue)
  2. 20x 220 ohm resistors
  3. 20x 10k ohm resistors
  4. 5x tactile switch
  5. 2x 10k ohm variable resistor
  6. 30x Jumper Wires of assorted lengths
  7. MicroSD Card (2GB is fine)
  8. MicroSD Card Reader
  9. Working SIM Card

Step 4: Concluding Remarks

So with these basic parts you will be able to make most of the projects. Only the sensors etc with be required and rest of the generic hardware will be available for fast prototyping. Thanks for viewing. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.