Introduction: LinkitONE Footstep Counter


Many of us want to count number of people entering in an event or any room. Here I will show you how you can make your own footstep counter!

Step 1: Parts

1 x LinkitONE

1 x Pizeoeletric sensor

1 x Mat

Step 2: Connect the Sensor

Connect your pizeo sensor to your Linkit board on its A0 pin.

Step 3: Connect USB Cable

Connect your USB cable now so we can see serial monitor.

Step 4: Code

Burn this code to your linkitone.

void setup() {



int number=0;

void loop() { /

if (analogRead(0)>700) {






Step 5: Keep Sensor Under a Mat

Keep your sensor under a mat so that its hidden as shown in the image attached.

Step 6: Open Serial Monitor and Test It

Open serial monitor, and keep some footsteps on it. You will see the values increase.