Links Skyward Sword (my Version)




Introduction: Links Skyward Sword (my Version)

Hi there. This is my third instructable and hope you like it. I decided to make Links sword from "Skyward Sword" video game. I love the legend of Zelda series. This sword cost me about $15 using mostly scrap wood laying around my shop. This is a prop sword only and I do not condone any other use/misuse of this other then for display. There, I got that out of the way.

Step 1: The Blade....

I bought a piece of steel from Canadian Tire that measures 1 inch wide x 1/8 inch thick x 3 feet long. The cost was around $8. You can find this steel in the welding area of most hardware stores. To shape the end I used a hand grinder and shaped the tip. I also ran the grinder down the length of both sides to round it off and give the look of being sharpened. ALWAYS wear safety glasses and gloves when using a power grinder.

Step 2: The Handle...

The handle starts off with 3 pieces of pine that measure 3/4 inch thick x 2 1/4 inches wide x 18 inches long. Notice the centre piece has a slot cut out that will accept the blade when glued up. The two sides have corresponding grooves to accept.the rest of the width of the blade.

Step 3: The Glue Up...

The three pieces are then glued together as well as two scrap end pieces that will be cut off after being turned on the lathe.

Step 4: On the Lathe....

The glue up is centred on the lathe and then spun down to a "dowel" shape. A few pencil markings for reference points are added.

Step 5: Detail Starting to Show...

Some of the detail in the handle is starting to show. Notice the sphere at the top of the sword and the shaping of the rear.

Step 6: Hand Grips....

Now the hand grips are added and the whole handle is sanded to its finished condition.

Step 7: Making the Guard....

The guard starts off as two pieces that were cut on the scroll saw. Notice the direction of the grain. Because the grain on both will not be in the same direction (intentional), it will be much stronger when the two are glued together.

Step 8: Slots Are Chiselled to Accept the Blade......

Marking the width of the blade on both pieces, I chiselled the slots at half the depth of the blade. When glued, it will fit around the blade tightly.

Step 9: Glued, and Carving Started....

The halves are glued together and clamped overnight. I then drew the design onto bothe sides and started carving.

Step 10: Getting There....

A little more carving and alot more sanding needed.

Step 11: Now It's Shaping Up...

Now it is starting to look like something. The blade is first put into the handle and then the guard is slipped down the blade and is finally glued to the handle.

Step 12: Primed...

I shot two coats of primer lightly sanding in between the coats. A light sand after the final coat.

Step 13: Final Paint and "jewel" Added....

I gave the sword 3 coats of blue paint. I then hand painted a bit of yellow lines on it as well as adding the diamond. The diamond is simply a piece of scrap cut and painted yellow. A gold permanent marker was used to draw the line down the centre of the sword. I hope you enjoyed this instructable as much as I enjoyed making it.

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    7 years ago

    Great attention to detail on the handle! I love it! Truly art, and remember beauty is what you make it! Two thumbs up bud!


    7 years ago

    That's pretty cool. I'm a fan of skyward sword and the only thing I would change is I would make the blade silver instead of blue. Good job!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. I saw a sword like this for sale at a novelty shop and the blade was painted blue. That's why I paited it that way.