Introduction: Links Sword

This is a fast and easy way to make links sword

Step 1: Materials

You will need: cardboard,PVC pipe,one pingpon ball,a wooden plank 2 inches wide and 33 inches long,a saw,hot glue gun blue and gold paint

Step 2: The Middle Part

This is the part where you need cardboard I did this part by going on the computer and finding a picture After finding a picture I made templates out of paper and then put them on cardboard

Step 3: The Blade

The blade is the plank of wood with the end cut to look like a point

Step 4: The Handle

The PVC handle must be cut at the end like this on the black

Step 5:

Cut the pingpog ball in half

Step 6: Assembling

Put the PVC on the on the wood and glue it Then glue all the cardboard to the PVC and wood And I found a thing that I glued on the back And finally glue on the pingpong balls

Step 7: The Sheaf

For the sheaf I just measured the wood and cut out some cardboard

Step 8:

Now it's all done : )